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First line or comms?

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Guest Specs

Like everyone above.^^^  Even if it's just for regrouping after going to respawn, comms are a huge help.

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You're not much good if you can't communicate.  For a bit over 40 dollars you can be setup with a solid radio, handmic, upgraded antenna and a spare battery. hook an earbud to the handmic and you have good quite coms right in your ear.

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Grab this radio




This spare battery there's a 3800mah battery too that will work but will make the radio about twice as tall.  Might interfere with whatever pouch you are going to use.




An upgraded antenna.  This is a 16inch one and in my experience gives the best performance but there is one about half the length if you need a shorter one. Honestly this is optional.  The stock antenna that comes on the radio will do fine at the ranges that most airsoft games come with.  I run the 16 inch one and carry a roll up j-pole in my bag though incase I really need to get out for some reason.








PIck up the programing cable to save yourself a lot of headache trying to program by hand.




Download a program called CHIRP for programing purposes




Optionally if you just  need to have access to the UHF spectrum you can just pick up a BF-888 for half the cost of the UV-5R it's simpler for the end user.  Once you program it there's just a super simple 16 channel knob on top that you use to swtich channels. 



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