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New owner of a 240B, looking for advice.

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Are you running it on a vehicle? If so, be aware that the box mag is only held on by two small screws and it took such a beating on our vehicle those screws sheared off. Any kind of vibration like that will kill your connections from the box mag to the battery as well. 


To combat these issues, I hardwired everything in place, so no more detachable box mag. I also had a team member build a pintle mount that supports the box mag so that the weight wasn't hanging off the side of the gun. 


As far as internals go, I haven't had any issues. Our team tech just did some minor upgrades, such as shimming the gearbox and whatnot I believe, but I didn't see the need to do much else as I can lay down accurate fire at about 80 yards and suppress at 100 yards. Of course, I bought mine used, so the guy that had it before may have done some accuracy upgrades.



Here is a picture showing what I mean on the mount

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Any internal weak points I need to be leery of? Recommend upgrades? Experiences?


I am already trying to figure out what I'm going to do with her but in case anyone has some wisdom to share I'd love to hear it. :)


Start lifting...



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Guest Specs

All the above comments are smart. ^^^


If running on a vehicle, I would use a pin or something on your mount so that it can be detached in different emergency scenarios. It's also a good idea to give it a wide swivel range.


If running it on foot, consider filling your mag with foam/ some sort of sound dampener. You are only permitted a certain number of BB's per box mag, and in most cases, that won't fill it. (As is with our gunner's PKM) So that gives you space to fill it with something else to dampen the constant rattle of all those BB's in the box. I definitely second JP's comment on working out. SSW's are heavy, and you might consider carrying a pistol for a sidearm rather than another primary to cut down on weight. 


Keep at least 1 spare box mag on your gunner. If that means another squad member carries some of the support gunner's load, then do it.


Also, you'll need spare batteries for dayssssss.

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I have batteries for days, I have a side arm. Getting an extra box mag may be an issue.. lol. Pricey suckers. Its 4000 rounds so a second would put me at 8000, which I believe is well over ammo limits yes?


I will be foot mobile. I am mostly concerned with ensuring nothing dies within it. Im sure ill end up packing nearly everything I need to utterly replace the internals lol.


So I guess ill probably be doing a fair be a "self outing" to go back to a FOB to refill my box. Tigger discipline..

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wow he liked his own post that is only... a little egotistical  ;) just joking,

but honestly the things I would do is


-correct AOE with sorbo and neo pad,

this does 2 things, 1 it gives your sector gear teeth the maximum surface contact with the piston teeth creating less stress and improved cycling which adds up to more efficient motor function and lower battery usage. and 2 it dampens the sound of you piston slapping your cylinder head.


-get a SHS blue full rack steel tooth piston and glue the rack in with superglue,

the reason for this is ......... good luck trying to break it.


- finally something I suggest all aegs get..... a Nuke duster NUKEFET,

this baby will save you time and money all the while taking up no space


look into Brill armoury.com he has great service and cheap prices plus he is a tech so he can help you with any capatability or installation questions.


personally I would put a daytona gun kit in it.... if I was rich and 1980's arnold schwarzenegger........I mean I lift but no one can 1980's arnold schwarzenegger lift.

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