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Federal Forces Clash With Coalition

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Federal Forces Clash with Coalition

Wes Mantooth – FNN


At 4:30 AM CST Federal forces moved to interdict Coalition troops traveling highway 183 just Northeast of Vernon. Both Federal and Coalition forces exchanged fire with no reported casualties. The Coalition forces quickly withdrew from the engagement.


SFC Davis commented on the gun fight that ensued:


"It's most likely a small CoST scouting force. We got word down from command that the Coalition would be sending scouting elements to probe our lines South of Roosevelt.  I hope they come back, we have been  itching for a fight! I am happy to hand those CoST guys another defeat here. If the President would just let us march on Dallas this war would be over by the summer!"


FNN's Military analyst Jed Nelson thinks the situation is going to get worse before it gets better:


"I am glad our troops down South are in such high spirits because the top brass seems to be very concerned with a heavy Coalition offensive this spring / summer. There have been rumors of  Coalition command and logistic changes during the winter months. Not to mention it has been leaked by the State Department that the Coalition has re-organized their forces and set forth a very aggressive strategy for 2015. If our government keeps underestimating the Coalition and tries to submit them with economic sanctions I think we could be in for a difficult and bloody summer."


FNN's will keep you updated as event unfold.

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