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Coalition Closes on Federal Defensive Lines

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Coalition Closes on Federal Defensive Lines

Wes Mantooth – FNN


Over the last few weeks Federal Intelligence has been reporting a disturbing trend of Coalition forces probing Federal defensive lines in Southwest Oklahoma, Northeast New Mexico and Mississippi.


Federal analysts are worried that the Coalition with their recent victory in Jacksboro are probing Federal lines for a massive spring offensive.


FNN's military analyst Frank Wills gives a stark warning:


"The Coalition have been emboldened by their overwhelming victory in Texas. Even our own media termed it the "Slaughter at Jacksboro". This is leading the Coalition to "believe" they can defeat the armies of the United Federal States. As we approach an election year and with public support for the war beginning to wane, this might be the perfect storm for a  highly successful Coalition counter attack. If we elect a president that does not act, quickly, decisively and forcefully we might lose all hope of restoring the Union."


In response to these Coalition "maneuvers" the Federal government has order more troops to be mobilized as a reserve to help contain and slow any Coalition offensive come this spring.

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