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2015 check-in requirements at event

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new what?


Starting at ESR we debuted a new "on boarding process" for faction enlisted personnel. 


When you check in you will be issued processing orders. These order will require you do a few things such as attend a safety briefing, chrono your weapons, visit your command TOC and meet your SLs, etc...


You will receive an approval or verification stamp for each section of the process.


You will need to keep these order on your person in case an Admin or Command staff needs to vet that you have been through all the processes.

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Yeah but this was my idea...suggested it after esr. Don't steal my thunder. lol

Ah yes, I seem to have missed a couple of posts and not understood exactly what you were referring to.  Good call, someone give that man a patch.  Come see me at the next event and I'll hook you up with something.

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If your gonna make them huff it to the building 3 miles away when they get there you need to make Em wait 2 hours before the stamp...."Hurry up and Wait"

Good call.  I'll work this in somehow:)

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I'm new to milsim I don't really understand how any of this works. Can someone explain it to me. Ironclad 2 will be my first airsoft experience.


For IC2:


1.  Show up Friday afternoon.

2.  Find main registration tent (will not be hard to find).

3.  Register and ask them to point out your faction TOC.

4.  Mosey to TOC.

5.  Find faction leadership in said TOC.

6.  Introduce yourself.

7.  Faction leadership will place you in your platoon, and introduce you to your platoon leadership if possible, as well as answer questions.

8.  Prepare yourself to kill or be killed (as the case may be).

9.  Dance the dance of life.

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