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AMS crew back from FG3

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I hope everyone had a safe journey back home. The AMS staff has all returned back safely, please give us a few days while we decompress after this awesome but hectic weekend.


I'd like to thank all our players and sponsors for supporting us! 


I'd like to say thank you to the CoST troops and command for allowing me to be their Combat Controller, it was truly an honor playing with you all.


Point values for FG will be released in the next few days, and once again it went down to the wire. I thought the game was very back and force and right when I felt we were dominating or vice versa the momentum would shift giving the event a really good dynamic.


Everyone hitting RDG, OPORDSs should be released this weekend..


Also keep your eyes peeled for ESR info and Playas (DONT MISS THIS EVENT) info.


Once again thank you all for the support!





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Hey JP This is Ghost from the UFS alpha sqaud 1-1.. I Just want to start of by sayi I had a hell of a time @FG3, it was not only my first Amercan Milsim event, but my first Milsim event period.. An it was an eye opening experience, Thank you an the rest of the AMS staff for a wonderful experience an I look forward to future event with AMS. So I was Wondering for those of us that didnt get our Patch for doing the Dam Mission since there werent enough what do we do about it? Also personal side note UFS 4 Life!!

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