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Well, it's 530am just outside of Shreveport LA. I just finished writing a Micro Biology report that's due tomorrow, but all in all I feel really good about how the weekend went in general. I just wanted to say a few thanks. I'd like to thank the Admin staff:
Jeremy "Fish" Fisher
Daniel "Zero Hawk" Edwards
Chris "Studs" Hahn
Josh Longtin
Brad Bardsley
You guys worked hard all day Thursday to set up the infrastructure that we use all weekend, and then into the early morning on Friday night and Saturday to get all of the AO setup for play on Saturday and Sunday.


Greg and Mel, who set up and ran registration all day on Friday, Mel rocked the registration booth by herself while the game was running so that people would have a point of contact in the staging area.


Russo, Greg, Castro, and Jason, Thanks for running with the factions, and doing your best at keeping the game flowing in a forward direction.


Rick, JP, and Bo, thanks for keeping Control informed about what was going on so that I could make the calls and get the missions out.


Blake, I did DAM OPFOR last year and had a blast, but was TOTALLY jealous of them this year. I heard some AWESOME things regarding the DAM missions.


Also, Bo, Blake, JP, and Rick do a lot of prep leading up to all of these events too.


Support Staff: You guys make a lot of this stuff SO MUCH easier at the end of an event. Thanks for helping us haul out servers, tear down FOB's and flagpoles, pick up a million bags of trash, and clean bb's out of buildings. It would be a longer night for the guys that are still out there if it weren't for you guys.


All of the players:
Thanks for coming out and supporting us. It's a great mutual relationship, we wouldn't exist if it weren't for you guys, and we love to see you guys have fun. It was my first time being in Game Control but I spoke with a lot of people that said they had a great time, so it helped ease my mind that I was doing a horrible job. Thanks guys.
Hope to see everyone all over again at Reindeer Games.


Diesel, thanks for taking care of broken fingers, and missing ears.


Chicken and Monkey, thanks for helping get tent row set up and everything else that you've helped us out with.


Brandy, your too good for us, holy crap!  You made even sandwiches bad ass.


PLAYER LEADERSHIP-we provide the sandbox, and you guys move the toys around.  These events would not work the way that they do without your guys dedication and planning.  I know that we do a lot of work, but you guy do just as much leading up to events, and you shoulder A LOT of responsibility when it comes to planning and execution.  Thank you for all of the work that you do.


Daniel Turner-Thanks for helping me out with the programming for the laptops.  It would have been much more complicated without you taking the time to help me get it worked out.

Edited by Alex AMS
Left some people out

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Fantastic job AMS!!! I truly mean it and will probably spam that in as many posts as possible.


As stated elsewhere, I have been to other large (nom-AMS) events and by far this one has been best I have ever personally attended. Being your first time Alex, I never would have guest it. All of the staff and support where great and super appreciated! I wish I had the opportunity to thank you all in person.


While running with CoST, I have to say you UFS guys rocked! Great coordination and play. The challenges you presented increased my personal drive and motivation which is a tremendous source of joy for me.


That being said, I am overly proud of CoST 's ability and achievements this weekend. From command to squadies, seriously the best group of people I have had an opportunity to meet and work with thus far. Huge thanks to squad 3 for putting up with me. I had alot of fun playing with you guys and I hope I did not disappoint.


While wittnessing some acts of questionable judgement from both sides in a very few occasions, the over all experience was far to positive that the negative can't even put a dent in it. Let's all remember what this "game" is about: meeting and playing with cool people, shooting guns and having fun!!! If that's not you, take a moment, look inside and reevaluate yourself. Last time I checked no money or lives are on the line. Remember that guy your shooting at one event may be a battle buddy at another.


Rick asked for constructive criticism in order to make us all a better game and experience, but in all honesty I am having a hard time personally thinking of anything. Maybe adding an event in the North East ( wink, wink)?


In the end, great playing and staffing by all! Big shout out to the venders and sponsors and the entire AMS crew!!! My friends and I are looking forward to the 2015 season.

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Well said Mr YUK... I agree AMS Staff did an awesome job.. That was the best game I have ever been too..


Tan...  I can honestly say Tan did a hell of a job..  I watch guys literally carrying guys to the medics and fighting their way into and out of the main building all day both days.  Tan you guys just kept pulling a rabbit out of your hats... Everything we tried met with heavy force.. You guys where unbelievable out there and without question the hardest guys I have ever run into...


CoST... You guys fought hard every inch of the way from stairwell to hallway... Everywhere I turned there was a fire fight... I am sooo proud to have been a part of the CoST fight for freedom..  You guys are without a doubt the best group of guys and gal I have ever had the pleasure of running with.


Squad 5…  You guys did ever thing I asked of you and more, without question or doubt you fought on and held your ground as asked the entire day Sunday.  Saturday we lost so many of you to the DAM mission it was hard to hold a foot in the building but when you got back, we were on a roll again.  Seriously it was my pleasure to be your leader in this fight.


JP.. I am so sorry you got injured and I hope you make a speedy recovery, your guidance was immeasurable on Saturday and Sunday..  When you were medevac’d your lose was deeply felt brotha…


With that said I was privy to some questionable acts on both sides and tried to call the BS.. But I for one was caught up in the moment more than once and had to make some quick decisions that I question now...  But that is honestly what happens when you push yourself past the point and you have 300ish type A personalities butting heads nonstop for hours..


All in All I don’t think I will miss too many AMS events in the Future…


Thank you guys and Gals,

Ranger Stoner

Team Hydra


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Third Coast Members that went to the op HAD A BLAST! 

No major complaints,

AAR Comment that was repeated among us had nothing to do with the event, it was for UFS leaders to show up earlier on Friday.


TCA members are looking at the next event!!



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Alex, Fish, ZH, Studs and Solo, thank you so much for all your hard work and effort (especially those of us who are now a part of the Barnwell volunteer firefighters group!) 


This event would in no shape or fashion be what it was without your dedication to doing shit right.


Brad, big thanks for being my ambulance driver and making sure the doctors didn't cut off anything useful ;)


Also big thanks to our players, I had a great time seeing old friends and making new ones!


Everyone be safe and hope to see you at the next AMS event!





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Alex (and all AMS staff) definite props for a well executed event, I have had noone at all tell me what a crap time they had which is a first, frankly.  Everyone has said this is one for the record books and so A+ job to everyone involved at AMS.

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Thanks Alex.... This was my first Milsim/AMS event an I had a Blast (UFS 4 Life), an staying after to help with the clean up showed me how much work goes into getting these events together, an what needs to be done to allow us to continue our sport at these awsome palces.. So Thank you To all AMS staff an personel... Any event I participate in the future you guys ca count on me to help with the clean-up

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