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American MilSim

United Federal States (UFS) - Roster

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United Federal States (UFS) - Roster




Commanding Officer

- Top


Command PSD

- High Top

- Low Top


Executive Officer 

- Danarchy


Combat Controller

- Rick

- Frosty



1-1 - Fallen Angels

- Loki, Rifleman/SQDL (FA)

- Cowboy, DMR (FA)

- Yuri, DMR (FA)

- Kaveman, Rifleman (FA)

- Ruger, HWS (FA)

- Ka Jack, Rifleman (FA)

- Joker, Rifleman (FA)

- Josh, Rifleman (FA)

- Priest, Rifleman (FA)

- Garuda, Sniper (FA)

- Hemesath, Rifleman (FA)



1-2 DTA

- J, Rifleman (DTA)

- G.Hollis, Rifleman

- S.Hollis, Rifleman

- T.Cordes, Rifleman

- M.Engracio, Rifleman

- E.Gregory, Rifleman

- E.Gregory 2, Rifleman

- M.Weber, Rifleman

- J.Delbert, Rifleman

- A.Ray, Rifleman

- JC.Chaves, Rifleman

- C.Marcantel, Rifleman



1-3 - ML54 / SWO

- Archer, SQDL

- Bravo, Rifleman

- Gibbs, Rifleman

- Kalish, Medic


- Kodiak, Medic (SWO)

- Cypher, Rifleman (SWO)

- Tooth Fairy, Medic (SWO)

- Stonewall, Rifleman (SWO)


- Asian, Rifleman (SWO)

- Skids, Medic (SWO)

- Wildman, Rifleman (SWO)

- Milky, Rifleman (Kastway)

- R.Negele, Rifleman (N/A)

- A.Johnson, Rifleman (N/A)

- T.Tran, Rifleman (N/A)


1-4 - LRRP

- A.Star, SQDL


2-1 TF Atrox / Midland Airsoft / Black River Berets / WOLF / BCO / ISO

- Atrox, SQDL

- Romeo, Rifleman

- Atrox Actual, Rifleman

- Atrox1-1A, Rifleman

Atrox1-1M, Medic

- A03, Rifleman (MA)

- B12, Rifleman/SQDL (BRB)

- B99, Rifleman (BRB)

- B69, Rifleman (BRB)

- B52, Rifleman (BRB)

- B13, Rifleman (BRB)

- B-72, SSW (BRB)

- Druid, SSW (WOLF)

- Richard, Rifleman (WOLF)

- Twist, Sniper (WOLF)

- Mayhem, Rifleman/SQDL (BCO)

- Pablo, Medic (BCO)

- Black Fox, HWS (BCO)

- BDU, Rifleman (BCO)

- RAD, Rifleman (BCO)

- Shadyman, Rifleman/SQDL (ISO)

- Hulk, Medic (ISO)

- T-Rex, Rifleman (ISO)


2-2 - TX Reapers / Team Golden Tigers / DPS / TDK / Texas Airsoft Militia / BM

- Lil' Reaper, SQDL

- TP, Rifleman

- Holland, DMR

- TGT01, Rifleman/SQDL (GT)

- TGT09, Medic (GT)

- TGT007, Rifleman (GT)

- TGT11, Rifleman (GT)

- TGT69, Rifleman (GT)

- Autolycus, Rifleman/SQDL (DSP) 

- AA, Rifleman (DSP)

- Thrasher, Rifleman (DSP)

- Stark, Rifleman (DSP)

- Vigilance, Rifleman (DSP)

- Jay, Rifleman/SQDL (TDK)

- Dasher, Rifleman (TAM)

- Drake, Rifleman (Blackout Militia)

- Warthog, Rifleman (Blackout Militia)

- Tweakranger, Rifleman (Blackout Militia)


2-3 - SPOT / MASC / DST / Panhandle Patriot Milsim / Firestorm

- AWH, Rifleman

​- Hatchet, Rifleman

- Scarecrow, Rifleman 

- Tchap, Medic (N/A)

- Cormac, HWS (MASC)

​- Zero, Rifleman (DTS)

- Cdog, Rifleman (DST)

- RafterC7, Rifleman (DST)
- Short Stack, Rifleman (PPM)

- Judge, HWS (FS)

- Linxter, Rifleman (FS)

- Chewy, DMR/SQDL (FS)

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Hello gang!


Getting the rosters together.. Looking at possibly 3 platoons of 25 or so (obviously this is just planning numbers andd there is a lot of flex so take a breath let it out slowly it will be ok)


4th platoon will be command staff and the scout group... I will lay it out in the secure forum area once the Password is set.


if you are interested in leading a platoon hit myself, Danarky or Candy up (candy wont be ther but he is the S-3 and has a say)


more to follow in the next week or so, things to think on....


it will be cold

need to have plenty of supplies :water, food, change of cloths, layers, etc...

no vehicles at this one..

fun will be had by all!!!




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I will be updating the rosters this weekend and posting those on the secure forum. So you need to contact me or Top to get that password (and provide your name and callsign so we can confirm (I hate CoST for making this such a hassle)).


Also, please let me know what camo pattern your squad will be wearing so I can match up stragglers to squads with the same camo.

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