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Reindeer Games XIII - Registration INFO

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American Milsim is Proud to Present






Reindeer Games XIII 
STINGER AO - Jacksboro, Texas
December 6th-7th, 2014







On site camping will be available, free of charge (no electric, no water).

AO opens for camping Friday 1:00 PM CST.

Operation Details...
ALL American Milsim Events are BIO BB ONLY!


American Milsim, TASO and D14 supports the Marines Toys for Tots program!

RDG XIII enlistment fee of: $80.00 per player + ONE UNWRAPPED TOY!


Included in the enlistment fee all players will receive the following at check-In:

  • RDGXIII Event PVC Patch
  • AMS Vet PVC Patch
  • AO Map
  • Ticket for Game End Raffle

 Following Faction Patterns allowed:


OPFOR: UFS Army (United Federal States) 75 SLOTS





UFS ARMY: United Federal States Army - DCU 3 color Desert / Multicam (Solid TAN Top/Bottoms or flight suit, DCU, AOR1, Multicam Head Gear, Kryptek Nomad, A-TACS AU, Crye Arid  - Squads must match) TAC Gear color DOES NOT MATTER.



BLUFOR: CoST (Coalition of Sovereign Territories) 75 SLOTS

CoST: Coalition of Sovereign Territories Army - Woodland , Marpat, AOR2, Kryptek Mandrake, Project Honor, A-TACS FG, Crye Tropic, Solid OD Top/Bottom or Flight suit. (Head gear: Woodland or OD - Squads must match) TAC Gear color DOES NOT MATTER.


What is the refund policy?


All Slot reservations ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!


If a player is unable to attend the event they will be ONLY credited their ticket price to any future AMS event within the same calendar year.

American MilSim only offers full event refunds to Military/LE personnel in the event they are called for deployment/training. Players seeking a refund will be required to provide their Federal/State issued Military or LE identification.


*Our troops always come first! Event time and date is subject to change for Military requirements. In case of time/date change event(s) will be rescheduled.



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Loki there is a pinned thread called "RDG Event Schedule"



If you are local, I would HIGHLY recommend you showing up Friday to check in and do your safety briefing.  There will be two early safety briefings on Saturday morning.  They are 30-40 minutes long and in a seperate tent from morning formation.  


I cannot stress enough to those driving in the morning of.  You will not be on the field to play by Startex if you have not attended the safety briefing.  Based on the past several events, many are late, this will impact how soon you can enter the field.

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