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2014 Medic rules. No excuses!

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A. Each squad will be assigned only one medic. (Subject to change with various Teams and Squads)

B. A medic will treat a fellow player by going up to that player and bandaging the area where the player was hit

C. A player may only be bandaged TWICE.

D. Medic CAN NOT re-use bandages from "dead" players. 

E. A medic may not treat himself; only another medic can give them aid.


F. Wounded players may be physically "dragged, carried, lifted, etc.." to a medic by any means that is NOT UNDER THEIR OWN POWER.


G. Wounded players are NON AMBULATORY.


H. All Players must have an IFAK on their person that contains TWO (2) ace type bandages for the medic to treat them with.(CAT of SOFT-T tourniquets are not acceptable)


I. Medics must WRAP the bandages around the players arm, they are NOT allowed to TIE or have pre-made loops in which to tie the bandage onto a player.


J. Bandages must be a MINIMUM of 4 ft (48in) in length each.


K. Medics may be changed within the squad while at the FOB or between evolutions, but not while active on the AO.

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