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I guess an AAR for IC...

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Brad is a dirty dirty boy, but he is my dirty dirty boy. Why cant we all just get along? Oh wait, because we are human. Yet that doesnt mean we get soooo butt hurt over one event. You telling me that one event dicatates the future? I bet you have gone to open plays and had a bad time, yet your prolly still go to those same games. I bet you had bad service at mcdonalds one day but you prolly still go and by a mcdouble. AMS has been around for only a small time. 3 guys plus the support staff they have, which aint shit compared to some of these others. They do what they can with what they have. I go into every event with a set mind. I will have fun and I do not expect anything because I do not want to be surprised. I received orders I didnt like, but I followed them. When the time came for someone to stalk a squad through woods or to sneak past enemy lines and take out the UFS mash, which was almost successful, I got called upon because I followed orders and stuck around. Does it help that the command knows me, yea. They know my capabilities. Had you stuck around on Sunday and been able to swap field sides like everyone else you could have been in some awesome fights and made a great impression on command and got the super badass jobs at the future events. It is your money, it is up to you to have fun. AMS could host the greatest known event ever in history and somebody can still have a bad time because they didnt try to have fun. This is a game, play it!


Remember people, the world sucks. Yet it is your duty to make it suck less. Adapt to the situation. Or don't. That is your choice to make. AMS and other companies will continue to host events that people love and hate. It is the game they play. Not everyone will be happy. As for the birthday thing, maybe you should have brought her along and gave here a new gun for her bday and had us sing here happy bday at the game, or stay home and not play if it was an issue. But hey, that is none of my business. I am just here to shoot people and make friends. #UFSvotes4obama

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Charlie, I really appreciate than.  Sincerely.  The funny thing in all of this?  I am VERY thick skinned however, throughout this entire thread and in the conversation that started it all I have been called some pretty harsh things but being called "Chubby!!!!!"  That hurt!!!  lol  I am a delicate sensitive flower and that crushed my pedals!!!  lol  Thanks again sir.  That is a BIG thing for you to say after the way I behaved.  Kisses on all your pink parts. 

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T-Rex, although I have never officially met you, I was very entertained watching you all weekend.  You are one sneaky dude.  You remind me of that black crow in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons that would just come walking across the screen out of nowhere while Bugs and Elmer Fudd where fighting.  Plus, you have the best looking legs in airsoft!!

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AMS Brad – I will pass your message on to my guy since forums are not his thing.  If there is any more that needs saying, feel free to message me privately.  We can all walk away with a lesson learned.


Moving on . . .

My own experience with the game is fairly immaterial as more verbose accounts have already been given.  I prepared my squad based on what I could, I followed the orders I was given and at the end of Saturday the majority of my squad had lost interest in the game.  We went home.


Problems, however, are only constructively brought to light when solutions to the issues are also suggested.

For AMS:

- A MOUT facility is a massive trip/fall hazard, particularly the stairwells.  Changing light conditions is good for play but stairwells should always have low level illumination.  Buildings like JJ do not have illumination in MANY of the stairwells, so perhaps if you play the AO again minimally taping some chemlights or other low-level LED illumination to the walls would reduce the potential for multiple injuries.  Neither is a costly solution.

- FPS enforcement was done primarily with Chrony F1’s.  This particular chrono is designed to work with either overhead sunlight or an incandescent light suspended above the gates.  White plastic diffusers are supplied with the units and should be used for consistent results.  I own one and chrono’ed EXACTLY the same as my home unit across 5 AEG’s and 1 P* . . . but I also chrono’ed in direct midday sun on both occasions.  At your next event, please take the conditions in which they are being used in to consideration.

- Eyepro was supposed to be enforced by the SQDL.  I was able to enforce it due to bringing a full squad, others did not have this luxury.  Perhaps you can make proof of sealed eyepro part of registration?  I’m sure that the onsite vendors would be more than happy to offer a variety of choices at different price points (along with anti-fog wipes) for players who were lax on compliance.

- Red shirts make a good way to identify admins but truth is anyone can show up with one.  My squad identified a local player who showed up with a red shirt who was certainly NOT an admin.  Small quantity t-shirt printing is not expensive so perhaps issue shirts with the AMS logo on the front and a big ‘EVENT STAFF’ across the back to eliminate confusion?  Additionally, non-admins could be asked to wear safety vests ($4 at a hardware store) if they want to be on the field.


For the player command:

- This is MILSIM but it is also an event players pay to have fun at.  If you know a squad isn’t seeing action, rotate the squads.  If you don’t know who is stagnating, ask the PL.  If the PL doesn’t know, ask the SQDL.  Check hourly.  Between evolutions is clearly not often enough.

- Comms can always be an issue.  Add the role of a comms officer, assign someone who knows what they are doing and highly recommend players purchase a specific brand of programmable radios.  If an issue comes up, the config file can be updated to get everyone back on track.


The rest comes down to the compliance of the player base to the rule set.

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Guest Jarrado

Since there is no suggestion thread, I'll leave this here. My humble suggestions.


More game monitors. Blue shirts that states they are in fact a game monitor. Give them camera and when they find cheaters/stupidity get the players name/ID/callsign and review by admin. Determine punishment and execute. After the first dozen or so players in "detention" the cheating will curb.


Admins need to be marked. ADMIN or Game staff.


Camera men and civilians need to have blaze orange vests. Already suggested by Corriander.

You NEED to have the option to drop in squads via "air drop" (Vans or something) to get some action to the guys that are bored. If you can't send them out bring the action to them.


Better comm. Standardize the comm system to a cross compatible system and have a dedicated comm staff.


More smoke. More smoke. More smoke. Wayyyy more smoke. Moving on the AO is difficult without massive fog of war or smoke.


Not enough ground shakers. I don't remember hearing any bird cannons. More pyro needed.


Players that are actually caught breaking safety rules should be ejected and have their records tracked. After 3 events of issues, blacklist them permanently.


If your eyepro, uniform or other gear is not right, you go straight back to camp to fix it.


All players that receive infractions get written up on a 341 with details about the infraction. I would make them public after the game, but that's me. Shame brings capitulation.


I don't know how to fix this. No one went to the FOB to reload. I went to respawn since I thought that was the reload unit as did basically everyone else.

FOBs on a field felt strange for the AO and made camping them very tempting. Need to "air lift" in everyone. Its cooler and feels more MILSIM.


Night game needs expansion. 4 hours was not enough time. During the day was too hot, 95* the next day its 74* imagine that.


Water needs to be available from hour 1, not towards the end/middle. If it was there, I didn't know it. Needs to be announced and clearly marked as some thought it was a teams water.


Random vehicles on the AO was a distraction. Needs deuces or vans or something. I almost shot out that guys chevy window while leading a target.


Again, safety is king. The briefing being spread out allowed too many players to skip. I could have skipped and it wouldn't have mattered. I could have basically used any weapon I wanted and it wouldn't have mattered since most of my gear didn't get stickered or really even tested by the staff when I asked. Stickers came off in the heat and were not replaced. Need to match regs to guns with labeled locks. As in P* gun 1 gets reg 1 and the gun gets a sticker. Too easy to swap a barrel for joule creep.


Safety at night. The night portion needed to be briefed during the day briefing. All hazards should have been marked with something that can be seen at night. Glow in the dark. Chems. Something. Or leave the lights on the stairs and other areas. There was no moon and the entire AO going dark was too much.


There was unexploded ordinance found in the woods as well as razor wire. Woods trails should be cut prior and players told that going off the trail is at your own risk. Will reduce chance of casualty.

You guys had it right about if you die in a building your out. With the players and rules, this was the correct rule for AMS. You had it right the first time.


Too much effect smoke in some of the houses. Irritated eyes and throat on some. Running into walls etc.


Anyone of consequence needs to be able to be found easily prior to the game. In game personnel need to be available to players pregame/during and not helping with game prep/game stuffs. Such as PLs.


In game leadership needs better markings. They looked like regular dude and with all the regular dudes giving orders, I was inclined to ignore everyone. I may have embarrassed one in building P.


There should be an option for in game promotion or something if a leader becomes unfit, tired, etc.


Players should be warned that if they do not call hits, they will probly get shot in the face/neck/groin... again.... and again..... and again until said hits are called. That seemed to work ok on bullet proof targets. .

I now realize this AO is small compared to some others...... gameplay needs to be adaptable and someone in place that can just make up missions on the spot and toss them out like candy. Not for points really, but to keep it interesting.


I probably repeated some stuff, but you get the idea. Assuming anyone even reads what I post. It seems that just like in real life, people will start to listen and then not hear a single thing you said.

Now. My AAR is done and my suggestions are done. Now I'm done. I need to go prep for another local game and a local milsim event that should be good. I think my new call sign will be jerk. Later guyz.

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My thoughts played Airsoft ,hung out with friends made new ones , had lots of fun and played my very best

Thanks to AMS , cost players,and ufs players

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LuckyGirl. Delta Milsim Group, Squad 3, in Platoon 3. CoST.


This was my first AMS event. We drove 16 hours from Wisconsin in a smelly van filled with gear and man funk. We arrived at the AO and was greeted by the staff. I was blown away! The smiling faces and the overly nice staff was amazing! I have never encountered such awesome staff and players before in my life! We checked in,  chrono'd our guns, and retired back to our hotel. After experiencing that I knew that this was going to be the best event I have ever been to. I have been to tons of events, and have never felt so welcomed before in my life!



We arrived at the AO for the morning briefing and lineup. AMS did a great job in explaining the rules. Tan was sent off to their start point. usually at this time we get a speech from our commander and get our orders. Nope. We were sent off with no clue. Even our platoon leader was in the dark. We eventually got an order to hold JJ from someone. I still have no idea who. We sat in JJ and held it all day. We fought off the handful of attackers and watched the other side of the field, having all the fun. We were calling out movements of the enemy over the radio, no one even acknowledged. Our main radio channel consisted of random people yelling, "He's over there!" and "We're pinned down!". Proper radio etiquette would have helped out alot. I ended up turning off my radio for the rest of the event. 


Halfway through day one I took a tumble down a flight of stairs. I messed up my ankle and had to call for staff assistance. I was super impressed again! The staff arrived so fast! Everyone stopped shooting right away! Again it was very impressive. I got carted back to the camping area and hung out for an hour before I got bored. I tightened my boot and hobbled back out to play. We held JJ for the rest of the day until phase 1 ended. 


I chose not to play the night game due to my hurt kankle. But the rest of my crew had a blast!



We arrived at the AO. My team still had no orders and I still have not seen our commander. I could barely walk so I sat out for the first part of the day. My team was in charge of holding the mosque. I got bored, Duck taped my kankle, and hobbled out to the mosque. Again we were holding and watching the other side of the field having fun. Why did we get crapped on again? It seemed like we were deemed not worthy or something. What ever. We held that mosque! It got to a point where Tan had us surrounded. We were getting waves of enemy's trying to breach the doors. It was exciting! We stood our ground and held that Mother Effer! We held the mosque that whole day, until the game ended. It was awesome!


To sum it up;

Bad: The leadership was crap, and the orders were unclear.

Good: Awesome and friendly staff! Players called their hits! Players were super friendly and awesome! AO was amazing!


I had a great time and I plan on attending way more AMS events! I had a blast!! It was amazing, except for the fractured foot. :)

Thank you to all the players and staff! You have renewed my itch to sling BB's again!




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Lol lucky there was 2 ES team members on the bottom floor helping hold them off why I was bum rushing building TT

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The color coded staff thing is heard loud and clear.  In the ramp up for the OP many people contacted me in regards to coming out and just taking pictures.  I told them that they had to look like non combatants.  I did not specify that they needed to not look like game staff.  This thought occurred to me a week prior to the event, but it was too late to change/clarify at that point, plus with everything going on it wasn't put at the top of the priority list.  This is on me and we will do our best to correct this for future events.

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My name is Jerry Touchstone, I played  COST 1st Platoon 3 Squad., Squad Leader for Night Prowlers Airsoft.

IRONCLAD was more than a Op. to me because I had my 15yr old son CAP with me. This time at events is just more than time it’s a memory that I get to keep for a life time. I personally would like to thank AMS for the great hospitality and professionalism during this Op.

 Meeting the air soft celebrities was a hit for my son and it honestly made his weekend to  get to work side by side with Bob the Axe Man, Evike Matt, and Jet The Dessert Fox. We both enjoyed the storyline and the separation of teams by having different flags, This gave a feeling of belonging to a team and not just out there playing.

 Myself and my son enjoyed the high paced advancement from UFS and the great players we got to meet on COST. We liked the amount of trigger time we got in and also the scrambling we had to do to get away from thunder bees.

Two of our squad mates ACE & Comrade enjoyed there first national Op. and I honestly feel there idea of MilSim has reached a new level.

Being a player that has attend National Ops. prier to IRONCALD I feel there are a few adjustment needed to fully enjoy this Op. The amount of respawn time is strongly against you. I would personally do something to keep unit cohesion . Communication between squads and leadership was the worst I’ve dealt with. I would personally make sure to have a leadership meeting of some sort to insure unit communication.  

I’m ok with the kill radius in building’s from grenades and feel it helps advance a team to it’s objective. The Night Ops. For me was filled with confusion and lack of leadership due to the lack of communication from the leaders of our team. During these times I took matters into my own hands and just found UFS players and attacked ( Could never locate my platoon leader for orders even with comms ).

I at first stated in a previous comment that I would most likely not attend this event again but after a few days of thinking and considering the out come I would. I would on condition the Unit cohesion was stronger and  leadership roles where made clear to players and that leaders understood there roles in helping players win or even enjoy the game (COMMITMENT).

AMS you guys are great and I know you have the capability of making a great MilSim. It’s there and it’s great but these few simple changes can make your event top notch for players like me and others. I want to thank you for your time and the time that was given to my son and myself and to Night Prowlers Airsoft.

From some Louisiana and Mississippi Boys:
We Thank You!

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I'm not disregarding your service one bit and I am not a vet.


My comment was towards the ignorance of a "good" PL.  I don't know the guy and I am not saying anything about his play as a person, but the communication was down right awful.  We, as SLM, did not meet him until 3 minutes before the game start and hardly could get a hold of him on the comms.  How can you expect us to go "create our own fun" when it was frowned upon to be a rouge squad.


I am very grateful I play this "sport" (or obsession as the wife calls it) and I try to be respectful in every way.  It's ignorance that bothers me.  The only one who seems to be taking from this at the moment is Silva.  SLM was really hoping this could be one of our yearly games to go to, but we were greatly disappointing.  As of right now, unless we see some major changes, we will most likely not be back.  Maybe it was the fact this was the first game at Shelby for you all.  I hate comparing events but so was BSM and that was a fantastic event.  I would pay double what I payed to play that again.


All we are asking is that our concerns are acknowledged and resolved in some way.


And for Castro, if you are embarrassed about a community that voices their opinions about an event to try and make it better for future gamers, then so be it.  before you start making accusations about not reading up on the event or not making contact, than please read the previous posts.  Our SQL tried to lend a helping hand to command because WE HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE. So communication was made and we assumed this was going to be good.


Again, we appreciate Silva listening.


First off, I want to thank all three squads for the work done over the weekend. I know holding JJ and the surrounding buildings on Saturday was not glorious and no heroes were made, but we did what we were tasked to do. Sunday, we were down a Sqd because one Sqd left. We adapted and overcame and completed our mission. I'm not one to rip people even when they need it. I beleive giving respect and honor as much as possible. To all in my PL (2 nd) who had a problem with comms I say be more responsible and actually load the comm matrix of the event you are attending on your sqds radios. None of my sqds had the matrix loaded therefore we spent what little time we had before game on trying to solve that issue instead of coordinating our Platoon which finally ended up with me loaning my extra radio to Butters and manually programming my other two Sqd ldrs radios to receive comms from me which did work 100%. I'm sorry you don't feel your command should be in the fight, and to some extent in certain situations that may be true. However, myself and it seems others higher up in command don't believe in sitting on their white horse smoking a cigar at the back of the AO and not getting a real feel of troop movements. To add to that situation, I was asked by misfit to form a forward operating team to feel out tan movements toward JJ and engage and fall back. I needed players with experience and who didn't mind getting out of a the safety of a building and moving. I asked all three of my Sqd ldrs to provide me three more player to go with my two and they either said they had no player to fit the requirements or they did not want to leave their team. Once again, adapt and overcome. I just made the FOT a three man team which included myself.As far as experience in Airsoft milsim goes, I promise you I have been to at least as many if not more national events than most of you in various roles as well as putting together and hosting along with my team our own annual event at a privately owned military training facility of which I have been a role player which helps train said military with sims and bangs for six years and our event just had its eighth year. I think everyone should read zippos AAR which I believe Sums up this and all Airsoft events. Thanks to AMS for their hard work and continued efforts to bring quality milsim to the country. Thanks command for a good job.

Eagleone out...

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