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ACU camo question

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First off, introductions.. RL name is Tom.  I am trying to make it to first American Milsim event for Faded Giant 3.  Looking forward to meeting everyone and slinging some bbs together!


Question:  Most of my loadout gear is ACU.  Which faction would ACU play on?  Some consider it tan, others consider it green....


Thanks for the help.  Looking forward to the event, heard good things on youtube about American Milsim.




(or do I need to try to borrow some other loadout from a friend?)


(and I assume by TAC gear, admins mean chest loadout etc?  so.. in theory that could be approved camo pattern from registration page + my ACU/UCP chest rig since TAC doesnt matter?)


Thanks.. squeezed in a couple more questions after the edit.

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Guest Specs

Desert Digi's, Tri desert, or good ol' m81 woodland would be your best budget options for base layer camos.


Welcome to the AMS community! Faded Giant should be a nice "break-in" for you.

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