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AEG's for sale

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First up is the M series replicas.


Matrix (I believe) PDW full metal body with lisenced Knight's Armament trades. Wired to deans and rhoped. Shoots ~350fps. Comes with lisenced Aimpoint Comp4 red/green dot optic and Magpul AFG. Asking $135 OBO.


G&G M16A2. The body is a G&G nylon polymer and the gearbox is one I built. Wired to deans. Has a 6.01 tbb and has been rhoped. Shoots around 400fps. Askin $110 OBO


Lancer Tactical PDW. LPEG body wired to deans and rhoped. Super light and small. Would be a great backup gun for a sniper or DMR. Shoots about 300fps. Asking $65 OBO


KWA CQBR full metal body. Wired to deans and rhoped. Shoots about 350fps. Comes with EOTech replica and Magpul handguard and VFG. Asking $175 OBO


Stay tuned for more guns and gear....





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CYMA AK105. This gun is one of my favorites. Fully upgraded gearbox. Wires to deans and rhoped. Comes with the Magpul ACS stock. Wired to the rear. Comes with red dot optic and full steel 4 piece flash hider. Last chrono put it around 380fps. I can work out a deal and throw in some Magpul style mags as I will be selling all my AK them all with all my AK's. Asking $225 for just the AEG OBO


My pride and joy...my CYMA aks74u that has been with me for almost 4 years strong. Fully upgraded gearbox and wired to deans and rhoped. Comes with the railed gas tube for mounting optics. Shoots about 395fps. Asking $180 OBO


DBoys AK74. Completely stock internals but AOE has been corrected to add longevity. Wired to deans and rhoped. I have it a worn look by burning the wood on the stock a little and roughing up the metal body and other parts. The stock flash hider broke at ESR2 so it will come with a lisenced Noveske flaming hog flash hider. Shoots about 370fps. Asking $125 OBO


Echo1 M14 DMR. Has a 4.5-14 NCStar scope on it as well as a custom painted multicam G&P DMR stock. The internals are completely upgraded but the trigger contacts are starting to stick and get a little burnt. I have an entire replacement gearbox to go with it that I never installed. Also comes with a QD MOD0 G&P suppressor especially designed for the M14. Last chrono put it at 420fps. Asking $250 as it is OBO (comes with a few mags)





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