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CO-Misfit 1





Crafty Wolf






QRF Platoon

Patches-Platoon Leader

Mako                    Misfits            EF PROSTAFF/VIP

Kilroy-SDL              C Squad 7-SQDL     Jet-SQDL

Riptide                 Tony               Airsoftology Jon

Jester                  Mouse              ShortRound

Lowgun                  Mordecai           Redacted

Heretic                 CoCo               Wicked 559

Ruck                    Goat               bootleg

Stix                    Vince

Monkey                  Eric

Chicken                 Joker





Platoon 1

Bagel-Platoon Leader   

Instigators/FROT        D9/C3/FOC/MA       SSS           RAPE SQUAD

Armour-SQDL             Bash-SQDL          Finch-Sqdl    PRICE

Nerd                    Nasty              Bullshit      Kingsize (kwa)

Johninthewilderness     Slab                Flee         IAN (KWA)

Kaid                    Sonorus            Tricky        Fuerst (Valken)

Spangs                  Rhyme-FOC          Pinky         Ninja (IL)

Blue                    Hatter-kag         Pretzel       Drone (IL)

Howard                  Casper-MA          Crow          T-rex








Platoon 2

Eagleone-Platoon Leader

IG                 Tier Zero/Foundation    SLM/TFS/

Bob Brown-SQDL     Scotty-SQDL             Antistupid-SQDL

Sebree             Dragon                  Trident

Hack               Nokrot                  Merc

Dino               JD803                   Butters

Harvey             Special                 Sheepdog

Spiecher           Turbo tom               zulo

Ags07              the Frog                coyote

Ags04              Scotty                  Tricky

Pbpro              CR803                   Dagger

Gunney             Shep                    Gage

Freedom            DarkHawk                Squid

pops                                        Gonzo


Platoon 3

Alacon-Platoon leader

BSB                Eternal Soldiers/NA     Fear/DSM/DTF/WFE

Corriander-SQDL    Winfo-SQDL              Bishop-SQDL

Zimm               Dragon                  Phantom

SHDsteel           Cherrio                 paul

Dred                                       luckygirl

Plazma                                     Jonsey

Rye                c.lauson-Drunkenrebels  

Double tap         dex-druinkenrebels      Biggen

Lemming                                    Prettyboy




Sniper Teams

Joker              Frostbite               Archer

Ace                KRO1                    yourmom

Lunhbox            Combrade                ace

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I purchased ticket for USF but things changed in our line up for the sqaud we where coming with. I asked a month ago to be moved to COST along with my son CAP. We where told we would be moved but I don't see us here, I do see us still with USF with Gator Bones. My Call sign is Krunch my son is CAP. Can you check and see for us?

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