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American MilSim

United Federal States (UFS) - Roster

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United Federal States (UFS) - Roster





Commanding Officer

- Big Candy



Executive Officer 

- Jazzman



Combat Controller

- Rick

- Russo



5280 TAC

- Chicken, Rifleman

- Monkey, Rifleman 



SQD 1-1 - SOG

- Rock, SQDL 

- Moe, Rifleman 

- DC, Rifleman 

- OX, Medic 

- SM22, Sniper 

- Hollywood, Rifleman 

- David, Rifleman

- Gadget, Rifleman

- Ranger, Rifleman

- SM-07, Breacher

- Wajiro, Rifleman

- Toast, Rifleman

- Spider-Man, Rifleman 




- Trunk, SQDL

- Cole, Rifleman\RTO (ISA)

- Ellis, Rifleman (ISA)

- Boosted, Rifleman (ISA)

- Gunny, Rifleman (ISA)

- Bear, Rifleman/SQDL (AFA)

- Radar, Rifleman (AFA)

- Connor, Rifleman (5280)

- Nick, Rifleman (5280)

- Heso, Rifleman (TGL)

- Misfit1, Rifleman (Misfits/EFPS)

- Wicked, Rifleman (EFPS)

- Kilroy, Rifleman (MAKO)

- V, Rifleman (KWA)

- Niko, Rifleman (KWA)

- KingSize, Rifleman (KWA)

- ExPro, Rifleman (KWA)

- Platypus, Rifleman (CND)

- Griffon, Rifleman (CND)



SQD 1-3 - Goon Squad / Junkies / Valkyrie / Grey Team

- Kratos, SQDL (GS)

- Chino, Medic (GS)

- Guru, Rifleman (GS)

- GP, Rifleman (GS)

- Guasp, SSW (GS)

- Snake, Rifleman (Junkies)

- Webb, Rifleman (Junkies)

- Bake, Rifleman (Junkiez)

- JD, Rifleman (Junkiez)

- AH2, Riflemen (Junkiez)

- Big Guy, Rifleman (Junkiez)

- AHOLE, Rifleman (Junkiez)

- Axe, Rifleman (Junkiez)

- Juice, Rifleman (Junkies)

- Swoody, Rifleman (Junkiez)

- Reaper Rifleman (Junkiez)

- Ice, Rifleman (Junkiez)

- Cadet, Rifleman (Junkiez)

- Jynx, Rifleman (Junkies)

- Sirk, Rifleman (Valkyrie)

- Sporky, Rifleman (Valkyrie)

- Wally, Rifleman (Valkyrie)

- Black Cat, Rifleman (Valkyrie)

- GT-03, Rifleman (Grey Team)

- Chemicalman, Rifleman (Grey Team)

- ZH, Rifleman (Grey Team)

- L007, Rifleman (Grey Team)

- Brad, Rifleman (Grey Team)

- GURU, Rifleman (Grey Team)

- Syracuse, Rifleman (Grey Team)

​- Jonathan, Rifleman (Grey Team)

- Stanton, Rifleman (Grey Team)



SQD 1-4 - Gunrunners / DPS / Eagles / ISA / Gunrunner / LU / MS Airsoft / Ajax

- Boss, SQDL

- Soap, Medic

- Autolycus, Rifleman/SQDL (DSP)

- Thrasher, Rifleman (DSP)

- ABBA Aaron, Rifleman (DPS)

- Vigilance, Rifleman (DSP)

- Razgriz, Rifleman (N/A)

- Legion, Rifleman/SQDL (Eagles)

- Fox, Medic (Eagles)

- Red Beard, HWS (Eagles)

- Ninja, DMR (ISA)

- Kyflintlock, Rifleman (ISA)

- Packson, Rifleman (Gunrunner)

- Badger, Medic (Lenta Ursus)

- Steppes, Rifleman (Lenta Ursus)

- Saint, Rifleman (MS)

- Stealth, SSW (Ajax)

- M.Harris, Rifleman (Ajax)

- Romba, Rifleman (Ajax)

- Pansy, SSW (Ajax)

- Jah, Medic (N/A)

- Ghost, DMR (N/A)



-Atrox Actual


SQD 2-1 - TF Spearhead / D3M / TF Valhal / MS Airsoft / Nemesis / OES

- Robo, Rifleman/SQDL (TF Valhal)

- Jester, Rifleman (TF Valhal)

- Patches, Rifleman (TF Valhal)

- Katnip, Rifleman (TF Valhal)

- Axe, Rifleman (TF Valhal)

- Vkon, Medic (TF Valhal)

- Chewbrocka, Rifleman (TF Valhal)

- L.Fitzer, Rifleman (D3M)

- J. Fitzer, Rifleman (D3M)

- A.Verikios, Rifleman (D3M)

- ScapeGoat, Rifleman (TF Spearhead)

- DragonFly, Rifleman (Nemesis)

- PhatKid, Rifleman (Nemesis)

- Zero, Rifleman/SQDL (Nemesis)

- Cho, Medic (Nemesis)

- J.Bateman, Rifleman (N/A)

- OES01, Rifleman/SQDL (OES)

​- OES77, Rifleman (OES)

- OES04, Rifleman (OES)


SQD 2-2 - DTA / Lucidity / Nomads / SPOT / FRAG / ASC / Yellow Jackets

- J, Rifleman (DTA)

- Jerrad, Rifleman (Lucidity)

- Brandon, Rifleman (Lucidity)

- Wang, Rifleman (N/A)

- Doc, Rifleman (N/A)

- Nomad, Rifleman (N/A)

​- Nomad1, Rifleman (Nomads)

- Matt, Rifleman (Nomads)

- Wooten, Rifleman (Nomads)

- MoleMAN, Rifleman (Nomads)

- Smiley, Rifleman (Nomads)

- Rufio, Rifleman (Nomads)

- Kermit, Rifleman (Nomads)

​- JBear, Rifleman (Nomads)

- Hurricane, Rifleman (SPOT)

- Kozak, Rifleman (SPOT)

- Cray, Rifleman (FRAG)

- Link, Rifleman (FRAG)

​- C.MacDonald, Rifleman (FRAG)

- Shirley, Rifleman (ASC)

- Bearclaw, Rifleman (ASC)

- Guardian, Medic (YJ)

- Carbon, Rifleman (YJ)

- Shark, Rifleman (YJ)




2-3 - TF Atrox

- ATROX1-1, Rifleman

Edited by TheJP

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Myself and another person are planning to go.  How can I ensure we are in the same squad?


There is a "Team affiliation" field when you register, make sure you both put the same information there.


Also FG3 is +18 only event.

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The JP...


Can you please put all ISA members (Trunk, Cole, Ellis) from SQD 1-2 w/ all AFA members (BEAR and Radar) from SQD 1-4? We should have quite a few more members registering in the upcoming days/weeks. 


Thank you!

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Listen up dirt bags and knuckle draggers:

Per Candy's orders if you need help getting people moved or being added to the top secret forum please pm me and I will help get things rolling. A background check with be done to make sure you are registered as UFS before you are added so if it takes a day or two before you get added to the forum don't be alarmed.

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Is anyone in the Midwest looking for another teammate? I am a sniper, can run a traditional sniper role or attach to a group and act as a marksman within the group. I'm in the KC area

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This message is for Jah an Razgriz in Squad 1-4 what patterns are you guys running since we have no official team affiliation I was wondering if u wanna try an match up camos

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