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OPBH 3 Official Scorecard

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Let me preface this post by how impressed I was with both the Coalition and Federal command staff and players. For the most part players adhered to the rules and played with sportsmanship. We had some issues with PoVs and AMS will be overhauling their PoV rules to set Vehicle standards and make the rules much less up for "interpretation".


I wish I could play back for you some of the comm chatter over the weekend, the level of organization, coordination, preparedness of some of the Platoons and Companies was just mind blowing from what it was a year ago.


I can't describe to you have amazingly close the game was, while the Federal's were flexing their muscles the Coalition was taking advantage of their speed and command structure to quickly accomplish as many objectives. It was pure joy to drive through the AO as the minutes wound down on EV1 to see the Coalition re-take the airfield and Pegasus Bridge in spectacular fashion!


Just to see the level of development in our community since the inception of AMS is incredible. I can't tell you how proud I am of Greg Anderson and his command staff, the string of Coalition victories in the last few years is unprecedented.


Greg has taken the Coalition to the "next" level and I look forward to amazing things in 2014 from him and his command staff. (No pressure Greg!)


Also Alex Radke (Top), he has broken the curse and lead the Federals to their first Broke Home victory over the Coalition. Top, Danarcy and the wonderful Mr. Ron Mexico did a stellar job this year organizing and motivating their Federal troops, my hats off to all you gentlemen!


We are all lucky to have such capable leaders take time away from their work, friends and family to help make our events the best they can be.


Now the question is can the Federals keep this momentum throughout 2014!


AMS purposely keeps scoring hidden, this is to prevent any collusion as well as preventing the "Play not to lose mentality." I find that "scoring" can often lead to a sticky mess down the line so we use a very simple point system to determine a victory based on territory control and objective achieved. The system is scored in a fashion so a "TIE" or 'DRAW"  will not be possible.


Only Saturday and Sunday's DAY Evolutions are scored.


AMS Control has spoken with both Command staffs and confirmed all Objectives, FRAGOs and Control Points.


Objective Score


CoST - 220

UFS - 195


Territory Control Score


CoST - 45

UFS - 95


OBH3 Total Score


CoST - 265

UFS - 290 (W)



I thank you all for your support and hope to see you at AMS events in the future.

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