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Tips to attending AMS OP's

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Here are just a few things I and my Team BM / MRR contribute for AMS Games.


1. Three things you must always bring to attend an AMS OP

A. Honor

B. Integrity

C. Bearing


2. Call YOUR OWN Hits and your OWN Squad. (No one else's)

3. READ THE RULES before Every OP (They Change form OP to OP)

4. HYDRATE and PT at least 2 weeks prior to games

5. OPEN MINDS, You don't know everything.

6. Change your KIT and learn new roles, it will change EVERYTHING

7. Talk to others before and after games, Friends before and after.


9. You pay to play - Accept the results, get better for the next one.

10. Be a community leader not an airsoft D-Bag. (GREAT Sportsmanship is KEY here)


Over the year's people will start respecting what you do out there. We are not perfect but when I goto AMS games, Its like Blackbird said... its like a family reunion, I get to see all my friends and make new ones. On the field its all business but its a whole bunch of small pieces that fit together to make my exp.


One final thing. FEEDBACK is the most important metric that AMS pulls from these games. Be respectful but voice your exp. I get tired of seeing people say UFS is bitching or CoST is butthurt. Yes some players get pissed and bitch, but there is a constructive way to do this. If you have an issue , offer a resolution such as you see in the DISCUSSION forum. Don't just say THat GUYS a cheater... Offer a solution with your comments, This is how the ADMIN side works, to resolve that for the future. So FEEDBACK should not be left on the field, if you do , your just hurting the game, As a player that's paying for something, only way to make it better is to tell the folks that have the power to fix it or better improve it.


Just my two cents. I know I can be a talker so I will quit on that.

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