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What's your range?

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Try an r-hop sometime you will never go back.


What exactly are the benefits of r-hopping?  

I have a flat-hop and miracle barrel and get really good range.  Been hearing about r-hopping your gun though don't have time to try it before Broken Home but thinking about it when I get back, can't hurt at least if it's worth it.

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If you are hitting 50 meters (150 ft which is half a football field length) or more using what ever hopup you got then I would say just leave it at that for the OP and just tune the hopup wheel when you go test fire, remember your hopup will change some during the day as the rubber bucking warms up with use. So when you start seeing your BBs curve up at the end of the flight, back the wheel down a bit at a time until the BBs stay flat. 150 ft hits or better is not bad at all.

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