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Anyone else feeling underprepared?

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I have literally everything I can think of. All the kit from East Wind and then some, and I still can't seem to shake the feeling that I am missing something. Can anyone throw some tips out there for overlooked things players often need but forget?

Things I have:
>three sets of BDUs
>hiking shoes
>ALICE H-harness
>capacity to carry 7 qts of water in slung/belt canteens
>7 midcap mags
>talcum powder/toothbrush/assorted toiletries
>baby wipes
>eye pro
>dead rags (Red T-shirt scraps ftw)
>shelter halves
>sleeping bag/pad
>dosh for food
>bottled water
>pictures of doge
I pick up my CAR-15 this weekend and I need to replace my boonie hat that I can't seem to find for the life of me. Anything else? 

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Well, Dave, I gotta sleep under something (I guess). The other alternative is my buddy's Honda Civic and there are four of us, so that's going to be a bit cramped (and Bob gets gassy). 

I need to get some bio BBs and extra dosh in case I successfully convince these guys to go to Tammy's in Seneca and eat like kings. Of our four man group I'm the only one to have ever been to D-Day, so they're counting on me as an unofficial guide if need be, hence why I am travelling light.

Noted: .20g bio BBs, probably Elite Force or those sold at the event. MORE SOCKS. $$$. 1911 mag. 

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Sleep who can actually sleep the day before the game... cool mornings bout 0300 .... Checking rechecking.... yep about that time


PT is the part that you really need, I joke a lot about beer curls etc... but really if and when your equipment fails, have a handy rubber knife... Its just too fun -


Gear is all about how it works in the field for you... after the first day most of your gear is fragged or shucked... Water plenty of it is your main concern , toss some individual wrapped beef jerky into your cargo pockets... Its a life saver out there when you get pinned for a few hours.


The terrain and heat is just as bad as the OPFOR. No matter what side your loyal too.


I am actually packing the lightest load out I ever have for this event just for the speed advantage.


You want a fun time, get your Comms in check and double checked. nothing like flanking and stopping a well planned assault and then meeting up with friendlies who are in much need of relief , whether it be fire support , numbers, water , or beef jerky. lol

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