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Additional SWAG from BlackoutMilitia

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Our Sponsor MOEGUNs Tactical Solutions at www.moeguns.com is shipping us another Patch Order...


What this means for you guys is that during the BH3 game . We have decided to not only give out these custom Patches to UFS soldiers, but to ANY Operator that we find that show OUTSTANDING Heroics on the field of battle. This includes the OPFOR. 


These Patches cost 7 bucks a pop.


They are HIGH QUALITY rubber and Velcro backs...  They are AWESOME.

use the code "blackoutmilitia" when you buy and you can get additional 20% off.


They are coming out with 10 new designs by game time. We will be distributing during the game as well.


Oh and we are making a Personal KILL CARD Bounty for the following Player.


Meet FOEHAMMER.  One of the best Operators I have ever played with. He is taking up the CoST cause this year. So we have given a bounty on him. We will give him a KILL CARD from Blackout Militia and whoever returns the card to us (You must search via the rules of AMS to get it after you have taken him out via the rules) And then return that kill card to Warthog of Blackout Militia UFS Bravo Company 3.3 to get an extra special Bonus. (I don't even know what it is )


So as always Have fun and be safe.

If FOEHAMMER brings us the card at the end of the game, he gets whatever the prize is... Something to think about, but I know FOE and he will give it up if you ask but you have to search him.


  Yes CoST can protect him... FOEHAMMER you just became an HVT for CoST my Friend.  Happy Hunting!  And get some bad ass patches! Do WORK!!!


Just doing our part to make this the BEST AMS Broken Home Yet!!


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Great to see you guys doing this. This is the type of stuff that makes this sport and its players great! We do something similar and I hope to see other teams begin to do this as well. It encourages good sportsman ship and rewards the bold. Thanks from all of us at AESIR Strategic. 




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