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I run a Garmin 60CSx, have yet to have an issue with it (minus losing -- yes dummy cord that gear!)




Quick run down on the stats:


Waypoint/icons: 1000 with name and graphic symbol, 10 nearest (automatic), 10 proximity

Routes: 50 reversible routes with up to 250 points each, plus MOB and TracBack modes®

Tracks: 10K point automatic track log; 20 saved tracks 500 points each let you retrace your path in both directions

Trip computer: Current speeed, average speed, resettable max. speed, trip timer and trip distance

Alarms: Anchor drag, approach and arrival, off-course, proximity waypoint, shallow water and deep water

Tables: Built-in celestial tables for best times to fish and hunt, sun and moon rise, set and location

Map datums: More than 100 plus user datum

Position format: Lat/Lon, UTM/UPS, Maidenhead, MGRS, Loran TDs and other grids, including user UTM grid only


Receiver: 12 channel SiRFstar IIIâ„¢ high-sensitivity GPS receiver (WAAS-enabled) continously tracks and uses up to 12 satellites to compute and update your position

Acquisition times:

  • Warm:
  • Cold:
  • AutoLocateâ„¢:

Update rate: 1/second, continuous

GPS accuracy:

  • Position:
  • Velocity: .05 meter/sec steady state

DGPS (WAAS) accuracy:

  • Position:
  • Velocity: .05 meter/sec steady state

Protocol messages: NMEA 0183 output protocol

Antenna: Built-in quad helix receiving antenna, with external antenna connection (MCX)


Basemap: Detailed routable basemap with cities, highways, interstates, exit info, rivers lakes; preloaded with worldwide cities

Uploadable maps: Accepts downloaded or plug-in microSD map detail from a variety of optional MapSource media (64 MB microSD card included)

Electronic Compass feature: (GPSMAP 60CSx only)

Accuracy: +/- 2 degrees with proper calibration (typical); +/-5 degrees extreme northern and southern latitudes

Altimeter feature: (GPSMAP 60CSx only)

Resolution: 1 foot

Range: -2,000 to 30,000 feet

Elevation computer: Current elevation, resettable minimum and maximum elevation, ascent/descent rate, total ascent/descent, average and maximum ascent/descent rate

Pressure: Local pressure (mbar/inches HG)


Source: Two "AA" batteries (not included)

Battery Life: 18 hours, typical; up to 30 with battery saving

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For the Money the RINO's are the best.

Position Reporting is a great tool.

I use the 530 HCx with a 4G card for Worldwide maps.

The 120's and 130's don't have enough memory and a .5 watt radio.


The bigger units have massive memory and a 5watt radio that will use the repeaters.

But if not licensed try to stay off those frequencies.


Yes it is a tool and there is nothing better than a map and compass so train accordingly.

If I am on the move it will be hard for you to plot me out though wanna try???


I could go on forever but invest in a Garmin!! RINO's are waterproof and shock resistant.

Built for the Military.

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Muahaha I beat you all Bushnell GPS BackTrack Personal Locator


Compact GPS personal locator with intuitive 2-button design

Returns you to your car, home base, or anywhere else

Stores up to 3 locations; fits easily in pocket or purse

Weather-resistant; operates on 2 AAA batteries

Includes lanyard for easy transport around your neck


Yes I know I am poor and it's pathetic I now where can afford a rhino. Nice to have even at D-day but still tricky with only 3 Locations at a time. I hope one day I can get a rhino I hope before the zombies eat my brains. What I am I saying if just might love that only to die again from a double tap.


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