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F.O.B./ Spawn points

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It might be interesting if you could booby trap the supplies with like a index card that says something like "BOOM everyone with in 20ft is dead!" Place the card under a bag or box and just wait for the mayhem. Would require an EOD to check and "disarm" the trap.

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Airsoft, being a game of HONOR, does not allow players to touch another player's weapons, equipment, or supplies without the direct permission of the owner of the articles in question. The exceptions being to save said items from damage, destruction, loss, or theft.


In airsoft we should have the expectation of honesty and respect of property by all players.


NO, you may not resupply from another player's stash and they cannot do the same from yours. To do so is a bannable offense and could possibly lead to civil or criminal actions.


YES, dead men can grab their gear.

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