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Ranks In Airsoft

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We pushed for this and got AMS to approve a leadership role patch system a while back.





That's pretty cool, actually :)

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I've only felt like I ever needed to pull 'rank' twice in all the time I've been playing.

A few years ago, I was leading a small unit and there was one kid (minor) who just didn't seem to grasp that I need him to do what I told him so we could win. I let it go for a bit, until the lil peckerwood got all evil. So, I decided I'd had enough and asked him if he would do what I asked. Again, he ignored me. So, I took out my pistol and I shot him square in the chest. Then I told him to go to the OTHER team's respawn because he was no longer welcome on my side.

The other time was about a month ago. A couple of Young Marine cadets showed up. One was a Sgt, the other a L/Cpl. I watched as over and over, this Caucasian "Sgt" who told me he aspired to be an officer in the real Marines was using the young African American L/Cpl for his personal house mouse. The "Sgt" walked off and I called the L/Cpl (far more squared away) over and asked him if his friend always acted like that. His answer was in the affirmative, and he stated flatly that the "Sgt" was lazy as well. I saw that he was telling the truth to a fault. So, during a lull in the game, I called the young "Sgt" over, explained what my former rank was and that I needed to speak to him about something. The jist of the talk was that if he wanted to be an officer his men respected, he needed to stop using his men like personal errand boys. I then explained to him what can happen to officers who keep on doing that: i.e.: they wind up as unexplainable casualties in big firefights. They haven't been back since, so I don't know how much good my talk did,but hopefully, it got through.

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Not to be the new guy that resurrects a dead thread....but I don't care :D


Being active duty I have a few things to throw into the pot to stir up trouble.


Wearing anything from a military uniform that is not earned in such a fashion as to give yourself credit, fame, or any sort of advantage is not only bad form...it is illegal. Stolen Valor is and should be a big deal. That being said, if I see a guy walking down the street with a service, unit, community ball cap on am I going to stop him, and question him? Probably not.


I see tons of youngins at my regular arena who wear badges and ranks on their gear as decoration...they are usually stuff their service member parents bestowed upon them or they are members of the Sea Cadets or Young Marines, so I think nothing of it UNTIL they think those badges gives them some sort of power over other players. This I immediately take issue with and will intervene. Other than that, I love to see the kids express their imagination and play the games I wish I could have at their age.


Now in terms of wearing stuff to milsim. If you earned it, you are free to wear it. Personally, I wear a name tag that has my wings, my name to include rank and designators, and service. I also wear my current squadron patch. I do this not to put myself above others but as a representative and ambassador of my service. I get tons of young men and women with questions about joining the service and I happily sit down and talk with them. I meet their parents and have even offered to go with them to the recruiting office. I also have several other guys from the squadron who will come out and play and we operate as a team.


When it comes to playing Airsoft...I am there to play, get lots of new bruises and scars so that my wife still thinks I am manly. Rarely do I care if my side wins or loses. I love awesome team work, the rush of it all, and making new friends from youngins to old timers.


The problems that I have seen arise from certain folks who wear rank whether they have earned it or not are many.

1. They feel entitled and empowered and believe that others should listen to them.

2. They forget that the ultimate goal of airsoft and milsim is to have a good time, form bonds, and get an awesome experience that enlivens you that is similar to what you would get in the armed forces without actually having to go to war.

3. They often alienate themselves with their attitude and often ruin the experience for others.

4. They ultimately make the sport look bad with their attitude and their actions.


The problem is not so much that people wear the ranks or badges but that certain people with a bad personality use the ranks and badges they wear to try and justify them for acting like buttholes.


All this being said, do I think wearing or assigning ranks in milsim operations could be beneficial? Yes, if done properly.

I think in AMS if each faction had a rank structure that was easily recognizable, simple, with unique insignia that could be earned by dedicated/ motivated folks would be very interesting and fun.

It would have to be closely monitored by staff for signs of abuse but it could make it very easy for factions to pick out positions, and keep things running smoothly in the chain in case someone like a squad leader falls...the next guy up would be easily identifiable. Maybe each faction could come up with a PQS for what they would expect from a person of a certain rank.


I think such a thing could really help flesh out the factions giving them a deeper personality and loyalty among the members. The more a person plays for a faction the more their eligibility goes up for a rank, while going to the other side brands them a traitor and they lose rank. Of course their is always the Mercenary route as well. All of it would be optional and in no way would it exclude players from enjoying themselves in whatever way they choose to play. Nor would whatever rank a person earned in milsim give them some sort of "power" over others.


The question would be if this is something enough people would be interested in and if the rewards were worth the trouble to pull it all off.


Bottom line...as with anything in Airsoft/Milsim...don't be a jerk and don't steal valor. Have fun and make friends.

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"Stolen Valor" was deemed unconstitutional.  Which I agree with.  I may not agree with what those turdbags do but I swore an oath to protect their right to dress and act like asses.


HOWEVER, when they use that "Stolen Valor" to get money or free stuff that moves into the area of theft which is illegal and can get people arrested.  I don't even mention I'm in the military when I go to restaurants or movie theaters ect for the "Military discount" but sometimes I get it anyway.  People can usually tell if you are military by the way you carry yourself in public. 

Anyone who has been in the Military for 5 minutes can spot a faker or someone who isn't military from 10 miles away.  Hell most if not all of us can spot a Boot when we see one at the unit from 5 miles away.

On the airsoft field I don't care what they wear.  I wouldn't care if they wore 5 General Stars it's not like we aren't going to see though it.  I usually play "Sterile" with just a name patch on my vest with Texas flag patch and a blood patch on my helmet.  When I first started playing larger games I was wearing my Maintenance coveralls patch.  Just a black patch with an EGA, My last name and first two initials, Rank, and USMC stamped on it in gold. Probably very similar or the same to what Rooster was talking about.  I never used that rank on that patch to throw my weight around at events.



-Wear what ever you want

-Don't try to get financial gain while wearing said items

-A bunch of kids or kids at heart playing a high tech equivalent of good guy/bad guy aren't a huge concern for me if they are wearing ranks or ranger tabs, or whatever. 


Edit-Thread resurrection.  This bad boy is over a year since the last post haha. 

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I am currently in the process of creating an airsoft team. I have a huge amount of respect for our military. I would never wear something that replicates a military rank patch. Simply because I did not earn that rank and I do not want people to think I am military. Or even worse... stolen valor. However, I do believe rankings are important to the organization and structure of an airsoft team. Some teams don't use ranks and that's cool. I believe ranks are important to give members something to look fwd to and to help provide a little extra motivation within the team. Most importantly, it helps provide organization on the airsoft field in the midst of chaos. 

     In my humble opinion, the solution to this is very simple. CREATE YOUR OWN RANK STRUCTURE! My team will not be using Sgt, Lt, Cpt, Major or any military (or police) used ranks. Me and the other co-creators will simply create other names and symbols for those ranks. It's not important that everybody recognize our symbols and ranks. The only important thing about it is that our members recognize them. 
     Besides, it will make our team more original and unique. It will be against our uniform guidelines to wear any military used insignias or patches. If someone on our team is prior (or current) military they will be allowed to have their rank on their uniform. Just not on the shoulder where our ranks will go. 

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