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Coalition of Sovereign States (CoST) Duty Roster

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Coalition of Sovereign Territories (CoST)

Duty Roster



- Anderson
- Dave
Combat Controller
- Big Silva
1-1 - Death Hand / Elite Force Pro Staff
- SqdL
- DH 5, SSW
- DH 6, SSW
- Medic
DH 14, Rifleman
- DH22, Rifleman
- DH4, Rifleman
- DH9, Rifleman
- Dave, Rifleman (AO)
- Kilroy, Rifleman (MAKO)
- Patches,Rifleman (MAKO)
- Zippo, Rifleman (MAKO)
- Engel, Rifleman (MAKO)
- Spartan117GW, Rifleman (MAKO)
1-2 - Doomsday
- Bulldog, SqdL (Doomsday)
- Wolverine, SSW (Doomsday)
- Rabbit, Medic (Doomsday)
- Slab, Rifleman (D9/C3)

- Nasty, Rifleman (D9)

- Metalman, Rifleman (D9)

- Bash, Rifleman (D9)

- Hat3d1, Rifleman (Preatorian)

- Beastly, Rifleman (Doomsday)
- Omen, DMR (Doomsday)
- Odie, Rifleman (Doomsday)
- Achmed, Rifleman (Doomsday)
- PIP, Rifleman (Doomsday)
1-3 - ARA / Black Thorns / Airsoft Obssesed
- SqdL
- BT-17, Medic (BT)
- Psycho, Rifleman (ARA)
- Smiley, Rifleman (ARA)
- BT-12, Rifleman (BT)
- BT-14, SSW (BT)
- BT-05, Rifleman (BT)
- BT-06, Rifleman (BT)
- BT-04, Rifleman (BT)
- Dave, Rifleman (AO)
1-4 - Aegis / Dogs of War / MSAT / JSO / DTA / D9 / NOMAD
- Spartan, SqdL (DOW)
- Misfit 1, Medic (MISFITS)
- MoMo, Rifleman (MISFITS)
- Boss, Rifleman (MISFITS)
- Cam, Rifleman (Aegis Group)
- Boss, Rifleman (Aegis Group)
- Gryat, Rifleman (Aegis Group)
- SISU, Rifleman (DOW)
- Fiore, Rifleman (SJO)
- Airman, Rifleman (SJO)
- C7, Rifleman (MSAT)
- Spike (MSAT)
- Ginger, Rifleman (DTA)
- Dodd, Rifleman (DTA)
- Yankee, Rifleman (DTA)
- Kermit, Rifleman (NOMAD)
- Rambro 25, Rifleman (HTR)
2-1 - NOVA / Chapter V / SOG-MD / Cardiac
- Castle, SqdL (SOG-MD)
- Dominum, SSW (Chapter V)
- Hoss, Rifleman (Chapter V)
- Gerbilizer, Medic/Rifleman (Chapter V)
- Goose, 
Rifleman (NOVA)
- Grumpy, Rifleman (NOVA)
- Goose, Riflrman (NOVA)
- Tiki, Rifleman (NOVA)
- Zion, Rifleman (NOVA)
- Marauder, Rifleman (Chapter V)
- Gibsin, Rifleman (SOG-MD)
- Mosh, Rifleman (SOG-MD)
- Swanson, Rifleman (SOG-MD)
- Gunny, Rifleman (SOG-MD)
- Face, Rifleman (SOG-MD)
- Guile, Rifleman (N/A)
- Huggy, Rifleman (Cardiac)
- Wayatt, Rifleman (Cardiac)
- Rifleman

2-1 - Team Vahalla ODA / Team Aircross


- Chris Lester, Sqdl (Team Vahalla)                  

- Sherman Lester, Rifleman (Team Vahalla)
- Scott Southen, Rifleman (Team Vahalla)

- Josh Draughn, Rifleman (Team Vahalla)

- Jackson Gross, Rifleman (Team Vahalla)

- Mike Campagna, Rifleman (Team Vahalla)

- Tyler McCorkle, Rifleman (Team Vahalla)

- Mojo, Rifleman (Team Aircross)

- Red, Rifleman (Team Aircross)
- Cleric, Rifleman (Team Aircross)



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  Once you've been assigned a squad, reach out to your squad leader via PM on the forums. Expect to be contacted via the email address you used when you registered.


Squad leaders: Contact your platoon leaders ASAP to get contact information for members of your squad. You should reach out to them ASAP to start discussing specific uniform requirements, SOP, etc. Also, SLs should also monitor the email address used to register as you'll receive information from your PL at that email address. 


If anyone needs to change their contact information please let me know.


If anyone is unable to reach their SL or PL, let me know.



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Squad 1-3 per CO's email,  I willbe your suad leader anyone not on Doomsday, our uniform is ATAC FG.  Feel free to contact me at robbfaronwhite@yahoo.com.




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Castle Squad leader for 2-1 here. I would like our squad members to check in please.my email is castlejimmy@yahoo.com. squad 2-1 will be in nato woodland for this OP. Could our PL please send me a email about what radio frq. Squad will be assigend they are a little bit confuseing.thanks.

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