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Don't Airsoft anymore, selling AEG & GBB

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Rummaged through my closet this weekend, found some stuff I'd like to get rid of. Haven't airsofted in a long time, so I'd like to sell this stuff. 

These are just asking prices. Hosestly, I just want this stuff gone. Feel free to make an offer. If it's close to asking price, I'll accept it. Would rather have cash, but would take cash and trade for EI pouches in AOR1/2 & MC 

Classic Army SAW M249 Mk II - asking $310 shipped. 

Gun runs fine, has a few scratches and stuff but it's still solid. I'm including a box mag and 8.4v/4200 mAh battery. The stock was taped by the previous owner. I think he was paranoid about it breaking. Never had a problem with it myself. Removed the screw on the but plate because I was tired of undoing it to charge/change batteries. 

KJW? G17 - asking $95 shipped

Haven't used it in a while, and the gun has been dropped a few times, once from a truck. It still shoots, but won't cycle ( have to rack slide to chamber new bb after shooting ). Probably something with the springs or gaskets. Including 3 mags. 2 are good, might need new o-rings and some lube. 3rd one was dropped from a moving truck onto concrete, broke the feed lip off, but might still be save-able.


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Was told the attached file might not work. Here's another picture.




SAW is fully functional. Now asking $275 shipped. Please buy it.


KJW G17 is semi functional, problems documented above. Now asking $65 shipped.

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SAW and G17 still available.




Adding this. Started as a G&G M16A3, had it cleaned and greased recently, runs smoothly. Replaced the full stock with a tube, wired to the rear for a small type battery. Handguard was replaced by a "King Arms" Mk12 Mod 1 rail system. I will also include the SPR profile barrel and parts if I find them.


Included with the gun are 10 plastic mid-caps, one hi-cap, SPR flash hider, NC Star 4x32 scope, and harris style bipod.


I'd really like to get rid of this, so shoot me an offer. Initial asking price is $350 shipped.

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Asking price on the M16 package is 230 shipped. I'm also including an SPR- length barrel and the original A2 handguards.






Used Socom Gear ( VFC ) Mk18 Mod 1 with full Daniel Defense trades. Used, but still in full working order. Cleaned and checked recently by a local tech. Included are the battery, 7 metal mid- caps, rail covers, and a set of knight's style flip up sights.


Asking 400 shipped.

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