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COMTAC Looking for Individual Players

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Hello, everyone! It's Bomber, again, back to tell you about a great opportunity for newer players to meet others and get affiliated with more experienced airsoft players and milsim enthusiasts. COMTAC/Tudzik squad is looking for more members for Op: Rebel Yell II. If you are an individual, and don't know what you want to do as far as a squad, come join us! We are a fairly new squad that formed out of the remnants of the TARS squad. We welcome new players with open arms, and it costs nothing to join our squad other than the ORY2 Entry Fee. This is a great way to meet new people and get your foot in the awesome door that is milsim.


To join, go here:



Scroll down to "CoST Army"


Click on the "quantity" button


Click "1"


Hit "buy now"


Click "register manually"


This is how the tabs should look:


Purchaser Info First Name *Last Name *Email Address * Copy this information to all ticket holders?
CoST Army (Woodland / OD / A-TACS FG) Ticket Holder #1 Ticketholder First NameTicketholder Last NameTicketholder Email *Street Address *
City *
State *
Zip code *
Date of Birth *
Operator Handle *
Team / Squad Affilation *
Role: Squad Leader, Rifleman, Medic, DMR, SSW, HWS, Sniper *
Phone Number xxx-xxx-xxxx *
Medical Conditions *
Emergency Contact Name *
Emergency Contact Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx *
Shirt Size *

First Name: Your first name
Last Name: Your last name
Email: Your Email
Ticketholder's First Name: Your first name
Ticketholder's Last Name: Your Last Name
Ticketholder's Email: Your Email
Street Address: Your address
City: Your city
State: Your state
Zip Code: Your zip code
DoB: Your date of birth
Operator Handle: Your operator handle
Team/Squad Affiliation: COMTAC Bravo
Role: Remaining: Rifleman (5), Medic (1), HWS (1), SSW (1)
Phone #: Your phone number
Medical Conditions: Your medical conditions
Emergency Contact Name: Your emergency contact
Emergency Contact Phone: Your emergency contact's phone number
Shirt Size: Your shirt size
If you are a minor, follow the instructions here:
You must follow the exact loadout listed here:



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