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American MilSim

United Federal States (UFS) Roster

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Top Commander  CMD


Danarchy MASC XO CMD




Hightop With Top Rifleman CMD

Lowtop with Top Rifleman CMD

Maverick With Top Rifleman CMD



Ron Mexico Dark Horse 1st Platoon leader 1



Coonass Squad Leader 1


Cormac MASC HWS 1

MadMan Demon Hounds Rifleman 1

KMART Deamon Hounds RTO/Rifleman 1

Spectre Demon Hounds Rifleman 1

Osprey Demon Hounds Rifleman 1

Lancer Demon Hounds Squad leader 1

Frostbite Demon Hounds Rifleman 1

Cobra Demon Hounds Rifleman 1

Raptor Demon Hounds DMR, Rifleman 1

Hitman Rifleman 1



Headshot Darkhorse Squad Leader 1


Sharknado SSW

Rockford Dark Horse Rifleman 1

OZ Dark Horse Rifleman 1

Benshee Dark Horse Rifleman 1

Rabbit Darkhorse Rifleman 1


j03 Darkhorse RIfleman 1

Unruh Darkhorse Rifleman 1

Little Mexico Dark Horse Rifleman 1



Mad Rabbit LRRSD Squad Leader 1


Fenix Bare Bones Airsoft/LRRSD DMR 1

Frenchie Bare Bones Airsoft/LRRSD Rifleman 1

Bines LRRSD Rifleman 1

Wily Bare Bones Airsoft/LRRSD Rifleman 1

Wookiee LRRSD Rifleman 1

Speedy LRRSD Sniper 1

T-Bone Bare Bones Airsoft group dmr. sniper, rifleman 1

Sarge BBA Rifleman 1



Zero Nemesis 2nd Platoon leader 2



CYPER SEISOPS Squad leader 2

D Train SEISOPS Squad leader 2


Creed TXK Saints Medic 2

DCA Grover Dead Center Airsoft Rifleman 2

Mask A-team/FoxHound Rifleman 2

Field-Ops A-Team/Foxhound DMR 2

Shooter SEISOPS Rifleman 2

Sharp TXK Saints Rifleman 2

Tahn TXK Saints Rifleman 2





Tinman Nemesis Squad Leader 2


Shoots Nemesis Medic 2

Juice Nemesis rifleman 2

Tinman Nemesis Rifleman 2

DargonFly Nemesis Rifleman 2

Phatkid Nemesis Rifleman 2

Kniker Nemisis Rifleman 2

Rebel Nemisis Rifleman 2

Gunthar None Rifleman 2



Rio 5280 TAC Squad Leader 2


Fox 5280 TAC Rifleman 2

Kaz 5280 TAC Rifleman 2

Crackbaby 5280 TAC Rifleman 2

Ranger 5280 TAC Rifleman 2

Quaid 5280 TAC Rifleman 2

Badger 5280 TAC Rifleman 2

Falcon 5280 TAC Rifleman 2

Monkey 5280 TAC Rifleman 2

Chicken 5280 TAC Rifleman 2



Toxic Slyder Dark Horse 3rd Platoon leader 3



Irish TFIC Squad Leader 3

Otacon Fox River Rangers Medic 3


Crash TFIC Rifleman 3

Aries TFIC Rifleman 3

Titan TFIC Rifleman 3



Openfaint OSG Squad leader 3


TweakRanger Blackout Militia / MRR Rifleman 3

WARTHOG Blackout Militia Rifleman 3

Junior Panhandle Patriot Milsim Rifleman 3

Fallon Panhandle Patriot Milsim Rifleman 3

Puma OSG Rifleman 3

Yeti Rifleman 3



Transition HGA Squad Leader 3


Savage HGA Medic 3

Blue HGA SSW 3

Tesla HGA rifleman 3

Exiled HGA Rifleman 3

Dozer Hga Rifleman 3

Wombat High Ground Airsoft Rifleman 3

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Agreed with Mad Rabbit I was just about to email you the same thing asking if LRRSD could be teamed up with Bare Bones Airsoft Group.

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Are we going to get a password for the secured forums so we can all get on the same page? Would be nice to at least have a rough game plan in mind.

Sure thing, we will open all the secured areas for everyone to see so there can be no secret planning made lol.

Your platoon commander should pass any word to your chain of command.

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Not sure how most platoons did it but for OPBH2 for PLT3 we created a FB Group and then only added the ones in our group, was pretty handy that way and we were able to keep things secret because we all knew who was who. Course we all had FB too.   And our PLT Lead knew us all. Not sure now.

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The op order is to be released in 10 days or so, so at this point everyone knows as much as the next guy. Until Top and the rest of the command staff get that info and release their plan we won't know a darn thing.

Just like the military way; stand by to stand by lol.

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This roster is not set... look for a few adjustments .. what is set are the Platoon Leaders, they are 1st platoon- Ron Mexico of Dark Horse, 2nd platoon- Zero of Nemesis, 3rd Platoon-Toxic Slayer of Dark Horse they all have many Ops under their belt and are Top approved :) !!


We are working to solidify rosters, contact your Platoon leader or the platoon leader you wish to serve under so we can make the roster start to reflect what we will have on the ground. this will also allow you to know and communicate with your team.


Thanks Top

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It's Raiden for the rifleman from Fox River btw not Radein my first officer butchered the hell out of that when he registered him so if that could be corrected it would be greatly appreciated

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i was just looking at ticketbud to see how many ufs slots were still open but it is no longer listed. can you pass that info please

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IRISH (TFIC) , confirming squad position.  may have one more TFIC member registering, will be possible to rotate him into squad?

Yes,  once he has registered get me his name and I will have him added to your squad.

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