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Operation: Rebel Yell II - REGISTRATION LINK

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American MilSim is Proud to Present:


Operation: Rebel Yell II
September 7th-8th 2013
Camp Gruber - Braggs, OK

Registration Opens 12:00 PM CST - July 15th
Enlist at : 


OP: Rebel Yell standard enlistment fee of $125.00 per player.

Included in the enlistment fee all players will receive the following at check-In:

  • OP: Rebel II Yell Event PVC Patch
  • AMS Veteran PVC Patch
  • 1 Bottle of Elite Force Thunder B BBs
  • AO Map
  • Ticket for Event Raffle

On-site Friday & Saturday Barracks Camping -- Limited SLOTS!

$20.00 Per Player


Kastway Airsoft Store Will be on Site!

Save on shipping Order Kit online and pick it up at the event! 


Once again at Operation Rebel Yell ...
So you and your boys are badasses, right? You all pimp EOTechs, EI gear, leaping over car hoods in your CRYE Sexicam and flex cuffin' the "bad people*"? Good! Now you can PROVE it.

Direct Action Missions...
Direct Action Missions standard enlistment fee of $500.00 for a squad of up to twelve (12) players.
Included in Direct Action Missions all D.A.M. Operators will receive the following:

  • Dynamic Custom Written Mission for a Squad of up to twelve (12) players
  • Missions will utilize Pyro and SFX props.
  • American MilSim Direct Action Operator PVC Patch
  • Interaction with dedicated LARPs.

There will only be FIVE (5) DA slots available for Operation: Rebel Yell II


There will only be FIVE (5) IDAM slots available for Operation: Rebel Yell II



OPFOR: UFS (United Federal Sates)


UFS ARMY:  United Federal States Army - DCU 3 color Desert / Multicam

(Head gear: DCU or Tan - Squads must match)


BLUFOR: CoST (Coalition of Sovereign Territories)


CoST: Coalition of Sovereign Territories Army - Woodland Only 
(No Digital - No Marpat) (Head gear: Woodland or OD - Squads must match)



CDF (Civilian Defense Force)

CDF (Civilian Defense Force) - Local Guerrilla Forces. Civilian Clothing and ONE Piece of Woodland CAMO 
(Squads DO NOT HAVE TO match)

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JP, If we purchase the Barracks camping slots. Do we have a dead line for check in time? or Can I roll in there say 10pm-1am time frame and still get checked in? making the 6 hour drive right after my NCO academy class is over..

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