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Post a Pic of Yourself in Game/Loadout Thread!

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Hey guys!


Yet another (hopefully), standardized thread that keeps things streamlined for all users. A lot of other forums run threads like this, and considering that the sub forums break it down into various lines, there isn't really a place to post a pic of yourself or your full on loadout, 100%. We can talk Plate Carriers, Chest Rigs, Helmets and all that stuff separately, but posting a full loadout is something that happens on every forum!


So, here's me:




It's funny, actually. I run a ContourROAM...so I am sort of stuck with terrible mirror images.




My loadout:


Eagle RRV (Refer Here)

Crye AC Shirt

Crye G3 Pants

Oakley Boots

Oakley M-Frames

Oakley Tan Assault Gloves

MSA MICH (Refer Here)

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Since MAKO travels a lot playing airsoft to be versatile on many AOs, we subsequently have many different kits. As we continue to grow so does our tastes in gear.


Anyway, here are some pics of me in many different kits.


Battle for Liberty Kit:




LWH Replica Helmet

Homemade DCU Combat Shirt

DCU Pants

Black Mongoose Knee Pads (don't ask)

Converse Desert Boots

Diamondback Tactical FAPC


"That other game" kit




LWH Replica Helmet

Woodland BDUs

OD Condor 7 Pocket Chest Rig

Condor Tornado Holster

Converse Water Proof Boots


Operation: Phoenix III Kit:




Contractor cap

Desert MARPAT Combat Shirt

Desert MARPAT Pants

Replica Woodland OTV

Converse Desert MARPAT Boots


HOT AS **** Summer Skirmish/First-line Only Kit:




Contractor Hat

MAKO Team Tee

MAKO Xcamo BDU Pants

Pictured OD ALICE style belt w/Condor holster

Not Picture: Now running HSGI SureGrip with G-Code Holster)

Converse Desert Boots


As you can see, you can be Milsim without dumping all your paychecks into "Real World Gear".


However, I love my growing collection of "Real World Gear".

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Here's a few of mine from some bigger ops and some different weather stuff.


My Kit from RDGX




- Condor MOPC, wanting to replace this with shellback banshee

-10 M4 mids, Hydro Backpack to hold excess supplies, tactical starburst, radio, stupid big team patch!

- Blackhawk MOLLE belt supporting SERPA dropleg, pistol mags and dump bag



- King Arms Colt M4, FakePul'd out. Bone stock, shoots like a dream.

- KSC G17 with more mods/parts than i care to list


My "Other Game" and regular use kit for hot weather:




- Condor OPS chestrig

- Triple AK pouches, setup for 9 m4 mags, small utility pouch, radio pouch and admin pouch for stupid big team patches

- Hyro Carrier on the Back, rigged to chest rig straps

- Blackhawk Belt with extra M4 double mag pouch, pistol mags, double flashbang pouch, roll up dump bag, serpa holster dropleg



- This picture is a borrowed M14, my usual go to gun is one of my SPR's, a Custom MOD0, or a custom G&P Mod1

- KSC G17, WE Colt 1911 MkIV -Yeah, It's covered in trades. One of my favorite sidearms, forget the WE haters -


Here's a shot of the the backside of the "other game" setup, from the "other game", should give you an idea of how that hydro's setup: Also: SPR, one of my favorite guns, and this picture looks extra highspeed I think.



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It's a dboys front end -I think- on an Echo1 stag body, and the parts are god knows what I had lying around. Mostly JG and Echo parts, a G&P wire set, it looks cheap, its got a crappy paintjob, and I even hand painted my blackbird emblem onto the stock COD style -this is why you don't drink and paint guns kids!- It weighs almost nothing, but can reach out and touch someone at 200 feet easy, at least, it could. after running nonstop as my primary gun since january, I burnt out the 4 or 5 year old motor at the "other game" and it's been in and out of repairs with various techs lately. I finally got it back at RDGX, but it had a squirelly hopup issue I've yet to sit down and knock out, since I've picked up so many other guns that shoot just as nice or better. It's always something, but I built that sucker by hand, with help from one of the local techs, and is one of the first guns I worked on myself. That's actually DAY 2 of the "other game" too, after my front sight, and collar had fallen off. I stole a suppressor off one of my other guns to cover the inner, and borrowed a teammate's scope, zeroed it in saturday night before the night game, and off I went. did me real well, and having such a light gun at such a long game was a nice plus.

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I'm on the right.


Sporting the following-


ESS ICE 2.0 Glasses



- Multicam Helmet Cover

- Surefire Helmet Light (GEN II Mount)

- NVG Bracket w/ Mount for PVS-7/PVS-14


Crye Precision (Cool guy uniform)

- Gen 3 Combat Shirt

- Gen 3 Field Pants


Belleville TR-1's (Awful design BTW)


Eagle Plate Carrier

- 2x Eagle Double 5.56 Mag Pouch

- 1x Eagle Quad 5.56 Mag Pouch

- 1x Eagle 1 QT Canteen/GP Pouch

- 1x Eagle/Allied Frag Grenade Pouch

- Issue IFAK W/ CAT

- Tactical Tailor SABER/MBITR Radio Pouch Large

- Motorola SABER II W/ Heavy Duty Hand Mic

- Tactical Tailor Radio Pouch Small

- Motorola MR350R W/ Hand Mic

- Eagle/Allied Modular Assault Pack


ATS War Belt

- ATS War Belt Insert

- Issue Medic/GP Pouch

- Maxpedition Roly Poly Small

- Eagle/Allied Double M9 Mag Pouch

- STS(?) Double Open Top 5.56 Mag Pouch


I think that's about it for now.

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