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WTB Tan Ops Core Base Jump Military or Sport helmet L/XL

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Now as for running real PVS 14 I would suggest changing the NVG attachment out for the real attachment 


Here is a real mount that was added to the Mount that came on the helmet. Now the bolt holes should line up since it is on 1;1 scale, if not you can jerry rig-it to work.




Now as for balance, remember you are dealing with a lightweight helmet so you will have to add the counter weight to the back pouch with something in it, ie extra batteries IR strobe, etc. I run with a real deal MITCH so, I can not tell you how it feel's personally. But just about every milsim guy has one so they can tell you how it feel's. But i will say this when it has come to 1:1 scale Dragonred has never let me down. I got my Oakley(replica's) gloves from them and they are same just no logo. As I have gotten other things from them in the past as well.


Here is a L4 3 Hole shroud that will replace the one on the helmet.



Here is one you might like more a little more price but they say it is the same as the ballistic OPS-Core brand.


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