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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.
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Op: BH2 Just a little review (non rage) :)

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First of all, I want to thank the AMS staff for all the hard work that went into preparing this event, as it was one hell of a time! We players love the work you do and support it 100%! 

Now for my little bit on it. 

The whole event was a blast in and of itself. The helo, the technicals, the skilled players, i could go on and on. This really was IMO the best event in airsoft history I have attended thus far. I really enjoyed slinging plastic at COST and with UFS. You guys are the reason myself and the Eagles take the venture down for some southern hospitality and plastic :) The caliber of people at these events AMS and Players alike are unlike anything I have experienced and I feel honored to be a part of the awesome community of milsim. 

I'm not going to going to go into the cons and bash people for what should always be expected at any event, no matter how well policed by admins (because c'mon guys, ever seen a football game where a flag WASN'T tossed in its entirety? There's always that dirtbag that wants to ruin someone else's experience. Don't let them get to you, most of us are here to have a great time and shoot and be hit just like you.) But what I will get into is what went well at the event and maybe some tweaks that could enhance the next BH. 

The things that went well: (For as long as I was in the fight, of course IMO)
1. Other than a very minute and not worth mentioning instances, everyone seemed to be having a blast. I saw many a thumbs up and high fives to and from opposing forces for awesome hits and epic moments. Kind of reminded me of the sportsmanship shown during ESR:19.
2. Being this my first time at the Broken home event, the helo runs were awesome and definitely a great addition to the stress and tactical mindset. 
3. The terrain was definitely brutal and i saw a lot of people who were visibly tired but still giving it their best to enhance the experience for all. That was also amazing to me. 
4. The firefights. Oh the firefights. I gotta say, this op had some of the most intense plastic slingings i've ever had the pleasure of being a part and victim of.   
5. The command structure (at least from the UFS side). The organization was MUCH MUCH better than in the past and I'm very pleased with how things were ran at this Op as opposed to previous ones. Keep that up!
6. The raffle. Such awesome products were given and even the little free things that we got (some not so little like Ricks, tossapalooza of sure grips, which i saw many people really appreciated) was sweet. I will say i was a biiiiit envious of the guy who won that Remington Longrifle. ;p. 

I actually can only think of one at the moment (I'm sure later the rest of the team might have a couple ideas that they'll post but here's my .02$) Now of course this is just my opinion but as far as helo runs go, I'd like to see a little more balance in how many runs a certain faction can have just due to the fact that it becomes a nuisance when you have a constant stream of gun runs going all over one faction. While i was in play, I can only remember 1 friendly UFS gun run out of them all. Again just a little thing no real big deal. 
And Lastly i'd like to give a big thanks to the players and first responders on AMS and in the field. I was the guy who messed his leg up and am very thankful for the help i received. (I had UFS and COST rushing over to help)I'm very appreciative and  It really again solidifies the reason why I love this community. And had it not been against some advice from AMS med staff and the doc, I would have walked...er hobbled back on to that field again :) 


On behalf of the Eagles and myself thanks again for another awesome experience and we'll see you guys back on the field for OP:RY2  



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