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ATTN: ALL CoST Army - Please Read!!!!!!

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DO NOT go by the Roster that is listed under the Roster section. It has changed. If your name is listed below, you need to go to the CoST Enlisted section and read the 3rd platoon information. Do it . DO IT NOW!!!!!



Platoon Leader – Rocketman


Platoon Sgt. - TBD


Squad 3-1                                   


Porter – Squad Leader

Speedy - AR

Killhappy - OK

Boomer - OK

Torch - KS

Sticks - KS

Bug - OK

Sonorus - MO


Thompson - OK

Ace - TX



Squad 3-2







Anvil - KS

Ghost - KS

Ihop - KS

Snake Eyes - KS

Ozone - KS

Wolf - OK


Squad 3-3


Jayhawk - AR

Holloway - AR

Atlas - AR

Deuce - MO

Snuffy - KS

Link - KS

Lurch - LA

Reaper - AR

Flashman - MO



Squad 3-4


Joe - MO

Smeagol - MO

Miller - MO

Cockriel - MO

Gollum – MO

Flounder - TX

Xanadu - TX

Transition - TX

Chris - TX

Savage - LA

Tesla - TX

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It takes time to have AMS change the roster.

While the roster may not always reflect who is signed up they are definitely capable of finding out who is actually signed up so don't worry; you'll get to play. If you weren't assigned a platoon/squad I'm sure we can find you somewhere to go as well.


Keep Calm.

Swing Dance On.

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