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Post Your Belt Kit Thread!

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Just an FYI on the HSGI suregrip, If you use a heavy load on it the Tactical Tailor Fight Light suspenders are the perfect solution to even the weight distribution.


The suspenders are shaped just right for use underneath a plate carrier and compress flat so they dont change the fit of your plate carrier while providing an excellent level of comfort.


The price point is only a little more than you would pay for a condor H-harness so thats a plus as well.


Here is another thought the sub load port on the left or right side (depending on if your a righty or lefty) of the HSGI suregrip is an excellent placement for a dump pouch.

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Tan BlackHawk Enhanced Military Web Belt

HSGI Tan Sniper waist pack

Tan BlackHawk Special Operations Holster with a HFC Beretta M92 FULL METAL GBB


In the future I am wanting to get a Hard Point Tactical "Triarii" Battle Belt



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Here is what I am rolling for BH. It is light, sits just so, and carries all the essentials.


Duty belt

.45 mag pouch

KWA mkIII in serpa

Belt keepers

Double handcuff case

Baton holder (for flashlight)

Surgical glove pouch


What are you going to do hand out speeding tickets?


BTW - I will be breaking many traffic laws while i'm at broken home. I would love i good old fashion cops chase. :P

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Think I'm second only to Paslode in simplicity. Drop pouch for spent mags, and utility pouch I got from my dad. So old, he probably brought it home with him from Ft Carson after he finished his conscription during 'Nam (he was never sent). Good for field tools,or whatever medium size objective I may have to carry.



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I have been putting a lot of thought in my gear and I have determined I wanted to make myself a light and flexible belt rig. I have had plate carriers and vest rigs and they have been ok and have work well. My issue with them is the weight they place on my shoulders and upper body which have a greater wear on my old body. I was in the Army back in the 80's before all of the fancy vest and plate carrier rigs and it just seem to me the lighter alice rig of the past was good. I know of a couple of guys that love that still and they run with it. To me the biggest plus to this is the weight is on you hips and I am a big believer that your hips serve better for carry weight than one's shoulders. However, I love the flexiblity that one get with a mollie system because you get more options in the way that you can configure your rig. So here is what I have come up with and I believe for me this is the best setup I can get and I have ever had. The key to me is the ATS battle belt and the HSGI Taco pouches. The Taco pouches are awesome. You can carry about anything in them and the elastic cord ensures that what is in them stays put and it will not fall out. They also enable easy access where you do not have to unsnap or pull a flap out of the way to get to the magazine you are needing.




I set it up with 4 single taco pistol mag pouches that are use for my HK USP pistol or my HK MP7 mags. These pouches enable me to carry the longer MP7 mags without worrying that I may lose them and I do not have to dig them out when I need one. I then have the Blackhawk mollie holster adapter with QC adapter so the I can carry the USP or MP7 holster. I have 2 double rifle pouches and 1 pistol/rifle pouch. This way I can carry my multi-tool and 5 rifle mags. The Taco pouches enable me to carry M4, AK, M14 mags without having to change pouches which I see as a plus. I then added a Condor drop pouch with extensions that I have made so that it is below my rifle mag pouches, ammo pouch, and 1 pouch from a M14 double to use to place my radio. The ammo pouch is used to carry extra bb's and gas for my MP7 and whatever else I may need. I have a Blackhawk tactical belt to hold it all together and I made myself elastic multicam suspender based on the 1959 wet weather suspenders that I have used in the past. The suspender ensure that my belt does not slide down my ass where I am having to pull the belt back up.


To finish my rig I then add a USGI Hydration unit with another M14 pouch for carrying a second radio if I need it. I also has additional mollie straps where if I need I can add additional pouches.




I have found this is all I need to run with and it is comfortable and light enough for this old man to get around to do what I need to do.


I will be running this rig at Operation Rebel Yell this weekend.

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this may be a dumb question about the Tacos....

do the double rifle mag pouches have a divider internally to seperate both rifle mags?


Or is it one large open pouch and 2 of teh plastic molded grippers?


They do have a divider.

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Blackhawk Padded Patrol Belt (Coyote Brown)

Pantac Single Pistol Mag Pouch (x2) (Coyote Brown)

Medical Shears (Black Oxidized)

Condor Dump Pouch (Coyote Brown)

G-Code Kydex Holster (Coyote Brown) (Belt mounting platform ziptied to belt until molle platform arrives)

KWA ATP (3 Mags)

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Guest Specs

Am I to assume a belt/ hydro carrier combination can exist here? (; If so...


My current sniper/ dmr loadout. If you are curious to any parts or functions of the rig, simply ask. It's intended to be low drag, leaving the front open so nothing is blocked in extended prone sessions of engagement or reconnaissance. I'll upload some photos of the setup on the body soon when I find the time. (Also, regarding the black, yes I'm aware I shouldn't have. I was naive back then.)


To break it down simply:

Above the shoulders: Wrong Gear black minimal shemagh, Low profile eye pro, Bravo Headset with PTT, OD or Black hat

Camos: Emerson Woodland Marpat pants and top (short sleeved)

Battle belt (right side): 2 Pouches with SVD mags, 1 Foldable dump pouch

Battle belt (left side): 2 Pistol Magazine Pouches, Flashlight pouch, Condor SideKick pouch with Med Sheers, Training Knife

Hydro Carrier (Bottom): IFAK, Coms Pouch and Coms

(Bottom Hydro Pocket): Food, Binocs, First Aid, Ammunition

Hydro Carrier (Top): ID, Distress LED Light (Red)

(Top Hydro Pocket): Gloves, Misc. small items

Drop Leg Holster: Gas blowback 1911


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I prefer to run things as light and simple as I'm able. Ounces turn to pounds. 


TAG riggers belt


-Tactical Tailor ordinance pouch (Holds 2 m4 mags very well also with adjustable tension)

-Tactical Tailor Fight light dump pouch

-Toysoldier Blowout Pouch (Holds real life crisis IFAK material like my cocaine)

-Tactical Tailor Fight Light Grenade pouch (Holds PEE grenades)

- FAD Kydex holster holding tricked out G17.


I attach this directly to my trousers so it's not flopping around like your grandma's knockers. 



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Anyone have experience with the V-TAC "Brokos" belts? I've been considering getting one but know literally nothing about this stuff.

I personally don't own one but have a friend who does and he's thoroughly satisfied. It's simple, sturdy, and allows you to overlap sections of molle for pistol holsters. This makes for an exceptional amount of possibilities for your battle belt configuration. It's a slightly larger belt so if you are looking for a slim and very low profile design you will want to look elsewhere. 

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HSGI Battlebelt

3xHSGI TACO Double Decker Mag Pouches

1xBAE systems USMC Dump pouch

1xHSGI Blowout kit with Kerlix gauze, med shears, CELOX Gauze, nitrile gloves, and an Isreali Bandage.

1xHSGI Radio/Admin pouch housing a Baofeng UV-5R

1xSERPA holster for GLOCK 17 on a Duty Drop platform housing either my ATP or a Real Steal G17

The SOG Seal Pup is no longer mounte don the belt

1xBlackhawk flashlght holder

1xMaxpedition key clip


I may mod it in the near future for suspenders.  I really want to integrate my Assualt pack into it like how SPECS has his for longer games where I may not be able to make it back for resupply often enough. 

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My green rig belt currently has nothing more than a combat knife sheath and an old vn era personal med pouch on it. Though I add my Serpa if I decide to carry my other 1911.


My tan belt has a compact pistol holster(for my px4), jt paintball tube pouch(double) for p90 mags, a condor p90 single mag pouch, and a pistol mag pouch(which usually has a speed loader in it.)




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