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American MilSim

Zippo's Tips on how to become an airsoft admin.

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You forgot to add that the admin should stand in the line of fire then pretend to not hear everyone yelling at them to move, LOL.


But anyway, great video, love all the douchebag airsofter ones. Hopefully no one actually takes these videos seriously. You should do a how to be operator one or something like that.

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Based on some comments I don't think they realize it's all a joke and in fun. One guy commented saying:


"i feel dumber having seen this.... what are you an instructor of? its adorable how airsofters think they become safety instructors etc, they tend to be the ones most likely to commit a violation" 

Lol, that's the type of feedback I love to get. Anyways y'all thanks for the views and the compliments and all that. More soon!

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