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Game Age Requirements

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I am 23 so no problem there. My brother is 19, so no problem there. The question I have is about my youngest brother who is 16 almost 17. Would he be able to attend the game with both of us? I know I would have to take the part of his legal guardian in case of an emergency. In the past I have heard of events have a solid under 18, no play rule and others have had over 16 require a "parent" on the field at all times. Us 3 would be in the same squad, together at all times. If it makes a difference, all 3 of us brothers have taken the POI classes taught by Mike Moon from the St. Louis Airsoft Players. The class is a basic training course of weapon and player safety along with basic tactics and shooting drills. I have attended several OKIVs in the past along with my other brother. I believe my youngest brother has good basic knowledge of squad tactics, honorable hit calling and game etiquette, knowledge of weapon safety and distance gauging for safety kills, and a high level of PT.


Please consider him for this year's Broken Home as he is very excited to attend the best US milsim event! If you need to contact me personally to discuss this, feel free to PM me about it.


Thank you so much for your time,

JDelbs18 - SLAP Forum Admin



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What are the facial protection rules for minors under 18? There's no mention of it that I've seen in rules and regulations or the minors topic. Me (16) and my brother (14) are going with our stepdad to bh3 and need to know the requirements for the ao.

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11 hours ago, Malek Farhan said:

I have a son that is 12 but his birthday is in august, Can he join us in operations?

Second question.

Can beginners play in like a 40 hour game?  




We changed he min. age to 14 -- also the events are not 40 hours. They are typically broken into 1 8 hour  day on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday.

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