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  1. REXofRA

    Lost items

    LOST: full IFAK. It's all sealed in a clear water tight bag with Red closure. contains bandaids, bandages, black med-shears, antiseptic, medical tape, etc. Fairly Certain it was lost at the camp site somewhere.
  2. REXofRA

    Lost items

    LOST: KWA K120 mag. has silver lettering on it saying "TG"
  3. I have a banshee and love it. are you not liking the shoulder pads that it came with?
  4. I'll probably be buying a new primary before ESR 19-2, and i was curious if anybody has used the KWA m4/m16 mid-caps, and what other m4 style weapons system they're compatible with because they won't feed through certain G&G, etc. http://www.ansgear.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=KWAM4M16MIDCAPMAGAZINE6PACK&Click=219116&utm_source=googlebase&utm_medium=shoppingengine&gclid=COuwrv7dt7wCFelZ7AodnA0A7w Rex
  5. I've bought king arms and they worked for the first few games. owned some MAG and they never worked. I HIGHLY recommend the KWA polymer Midcaps. they have the look of a PMAG and are extremely high quality. absolutely flawless.
  6. First AMS Game for Rex, Romeo, Silk, Zone
  7. Afternoon, Rex here, I'm new to the AMS forums, just throwing my name out there. Looking forward to getting to know you guys as i get involved in MilSim! I've been airsofting for about for 4 years now, am single and enjoy long, scenic walks in the nuclear fallout. Myself and Zone have been running an airsofting community in the Olathe Kansas. Add me as a friend. I hope to be seeing most of you at OPBH2. Take care, Rex
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