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  2. Shout out to the Admins who walked around with the chrono in game last time. I was very impressed that the AMS staff went the extra step to assure our safety in the field. And talk about convenience too!
  3. I bet Danarchy could find that Malaysian plane
  4. Zubi


    Or clog the toilets
  5. Commenting on this just so I can follow updates. Looking forward to ESR-19 and Copperhead!
  6. Has 2015 been given the green light?
  7. I woke up the morning of RDG and was like, it's time go !...back to sleep.
  8. You can do anything as long as you don't get caught. or put it on your GoPro footage later.
  9. I don't know, but you could always take a swig from the ol' pee tube if you catch my flow.
  10. Thanks. This looks more wheel chair friendly
  11. They didn't have it in Alpenflage.
  12. That looks like a lot of walking. I'm gonna get a wheel chair, so I can roll out
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