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  1. I lost a tan and black Valken glove. I really like that glove.
  2. By check in. And yes it's is a odd color. But if knowing what a M27 is what's it's about then a post could be made with pics. No big deal it's just that we asked before we spent 1300+ to get one and P* it out. But like I said we have many others we can use. But I think it puts a big dent into Elite Force marketing when a flagship product can't be used at a sponsored event.
  3. But it's cool. We have many more support weapons.
  4. So let me understand this. We are playing MILSIM and real world support weapons are not support weapons? I think ELITE FORCE markets them as a M27. That is a support weapon. I think if people don't have a real M27 it should not be a support weapon. But for us that put the money out to have the real Support weapons we should be able to use them.
  5. And I most certainly am not am not spreading his name around. But I was with him at the start of the OP's and not to put him out there but he talks to me A lot and can tell me anything. We even meet with him and Bo. I don't think anyone gave it a 2nd thought. So like I said to Dave what's the real deal here. 1 Guy that had a black top on has made this much discussion. Why? Then to have the AAR report come out that showed something other than what really happen. Then you wonder why we take our own video and pics?
  6. Hum let me read back. I don't think I ever said the Name Frosty?
  7. What if by the outside chance what I say happen did in fact happen? Where does that put you on this. And if the worst thing I ever did was have a black Top on how does this make you look? But I see your ready to ride on this Train.
  8. Hum so if it was ok with the Promotor then what?
  9. You must really miss understand me. I don't get BUT-HURT ever. It's just unless you have a team of about 70+ players you did post pics of the AO that showed more than what you're team did. I have no problem reading and understanding maps. And as I have stated many times before WE HAD HELL-A-FUN and we hope you did too. But I will say this all in the fun of fair and honorable game play. I hope you will bring you team back to BH3 so the real beat down on the CDF can go on UNSTOPPABLE.........
  10. Oh I had a blast. But just to put this back in prospective this AAR Said nothing about the fact until pointed out about where the forces were. Also the statement that this was 1teams prospective is impossible because you have more than 1 teams movement on both sides. You are showing the field movement that was not complete. That video is a good video. Should be entertaining. And yes you can clearly hear the request to finish you guys off. And the answer of NO DO NOT PUSH ANY FURTHER AND TO JUST HOLD THE LINE. THAT CAME FROM TOP. And that was not the whole UFS force either. So the 1/4 that was called away did not equal the number that pushed on you guys. We didn't have the full force of the UFS. But it's cool call it the way you want. It's just if someone does something good don't steal the thunder and make up things. But SEISOPS has gotten used to the fact that the game play always get turned around to give credit to others. That's why you see us with our own video and cameras out on the field. So when the thunder does get stole we have the video to put things right. We play hard and far. So if you see us out there on the field believe me we are shooting video and taking our own still shots. If it be from our Chopper are from the Jeep we will post it so whoever has the better day gets the credit.
  11. Dude really? Do you really believe this? Don't worry video is coming and you will hear the Coms. And my guys wanting to end the game. We where told to not push anymore. Now that's what happen. Ask anyone with coms. On the UFS SIDE.
  12. Look Rick will get you your stuff. Dude does not play when it comes to gear. Every OPs SEISOPS spends big money with him. If you see it and want it BUY IT. If you think the price is too high ask if you can a better deal he will work with you most of the time.
  13. Tacoman I was standing there thinking he can't hit me from there. And bam you shot me. That was a great shot. Mad props to you. Like you I had a blast. It's sad we have people that can't just play the game and have fun. But they are the minority. AMS has some of the best players in Milsim. Looking for my next fix. BH3
  14. Nasty it sounds like you are directing this to me. So me being me I'm going to respond to it. Last time the reason I had on a black top was IT WAS FUCKING COLD. Now I have been apart of many Events and never had a problem with a dress code. So are you telling me you are making the call on what the event should be like? And yes if the weather had not been a issue it would not have happen I'm sure on either side. The dress code tan and green with the civilian force wearing whatever. But if you have woodland then you should wear the same top. And there was a number of green with woodland and black,blue, and yes even tan on. But you want to cast stones over a black top? I'm going to keep it real with you. IF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE HAD JACKETS ON THEN YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO GET IT. AND IM BEING NICE IN THE WAY IM TELLING YOU THIS. GROW UP. PLAY MORE, CRY LESS,
  15. I like the unexpected of the Flip flop. Make it as close to real world as we can. Bar none I have not been to a better run OP's than AMS's OP's. Cow puppy does not come close. So to hear guys that have never been to a major OP's complain is sad. But with that being said SEISOPS has plans to be a BROKEN HOME 3. Frosty,Big Silva,and THE JP let us know what roles are going to be open cuz SEISOPS Is in need of some more murder,death,kills. I haven't talked to the powers that be yet but we want to bring out some of the big boy toys. So I'll talk to them 1st but we are so ready to DO WORK......
  16. I guess it's my turn to put my 2cents in. I had a black jacket on over my multicam combat top. Tan rig with a UFS flag on it with a black helmet. There was a lot of CDF/Cost with black,Green,and Blue tops on. Now I understand why that happen. IT WAS FREAKING COLD. Trust me if you boys want to go true MILSIM I'm game. But what you boys don't understand is many times there is not a clear identifier on your targets. But I hear a lot of crying about this why? The number of people was not that high. And yes myself and Cyper lead the big push. We have Video to show what happen. I take pride in being a far and honest player. So I'm a little dishearten to hear the crying about this. But whatever. If that few including myself can change the battle with over 400 players I guess that makes me and the others BADASS MOFO's. Remember what you cry about says a lot about you.
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  18. I'm in the same boat with TOADVINE. I have 8 of my guys from SEISOPS that paid up Thursday and Friday that have not been added yet. Just want to make sure everything's cool with them.
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