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    Not quite sure why people are posting that polarstars are dangerous. Both rate of fire and fps can be matched and even exceeded by AEG's. I think that people who post that they are dangerous or should be banned are the ones that can't afford them and are ultimately jealous.
  2. I am not going to continue to argue. If you had fun great I am glad you did. I had fun until the game reset. As far as going at the same time, even the admins will tell you it did not happen that way.
  3. Would you like to see the video of the CDF players who were out of bounds in the wood line because I have video killing 2 of them. I went to the op not happy about team flipping and did exactly what I said and kill cdf and cost on site no matter if they are friendly. It is ridiculous when you have an alliance then you are the group who gets screwed when they decide to switch no matter what side you are. I did not say the admins did a bad job with water delivery in fact I thanked them at the op for that reason.I feel that more could have been done to correct issues on the spot instead of letting it happen. I know we are responsible for having fun but you can't say being raped before you ever get a chance to reach a building and shoot back could ever be fun. I died at least 10 times before being able to push to a building only to be reset and have to do it all over again.
  4. Not to be a dick but I completely disagree with everything in your statement. This op was not smooth and nothing like last year. Cost and CDF started in the buildings at every evolution.UFS was destined to be screwed from the get go. Even off the start in a dead sprint the UFS was mowed down. Then when we finally started to take buildings a game reset was called. Then while waiting for the go we saw the CDF just sprint to a building and bunker in with us still waiting for the go. Admins did try to stop it but to no avail. When we finally got the go we sprinted as fast as we could to the school which was our closest building only to find COST set up waiting to mow us down. Then we had CDF players camping the woods by our spawn. We also had our spawn raided, so much for a safe zone. Overall after this op I left not only disappointed but agitated as well. Basically the entire op was spent worrying about team flippers and trying to make it out of our spawn. I ended up just shooting anyone not tan no matter if they were friendly. Cost guys wouldn't call the hits because they said we were friendly and I have video proving cost guys shouting were friendly stop shooting us only then to have them say okay kill all of the tan. Why do they get to make the call of who is friendly or not SMH. Worst op I've been to. Will not be returning to AMS events until things turn around.
  5. Is anyone interested in sharing video footage from rebel yell to send to tweakranger to make a legit feud video? Seems like tweakranger has some skills that could be put to use if interested.
  6. Issues of team switching was not resolved during Broken Home 2. Anyways if the CDF stick to one team then there is no issue. If they don't stick to one team then there is an issue simple as that.
  7. It may not be the same group of people but my point still stands about the team switching concept. If a team is on your side then turns on you and starts killing your team mates and then wants to become friendly again does not sit well with me. Traitors die a traitors death.
  8. Yea I was not exactly a fan of the CDF at Broken Home 2. Had an incident with them that they are aware of and have to say it was cleared up pretty quickly so no hard feelings about that. I just hate the whole team switching concept. So if they are not permanently on the UFS side then I will be adopting a shoot on site policy as will the rest of my squad..
  9. I find it funny when people use nods at games because they are really only effective in buildings or long ranges. At broken home there were so many people using nods and with the moon out everyone could see everything anyways. Also as soon as I hit someone wearing nods with my light they either shut off as a part of the safety feature or blind the user. Be mindful of this at events that people could blind you or force your nods to shut off with a proper light. Best suited for buildings that are pitch black so people don't see you shining your light around the building to see. Even then be mindful that the lights they have can use your nods against you if they know what they are doing.
  10. Mercy killing is just plain out a bad idea. Someone calls hit and you keep shooting him/her especially as you say in the head they are going to get pissed off and you are likely to have a fight on your hands.
  11. Thanks for the tip HACK, I updated my listing up top with your recommendations and found that each channel is still working as it should. Not sure when it comes to the cross mode. I put it as Tone-->Tone as Chirp has a built in dummy proofing sort of. It will automatically change settings that are compatible with one another. After I reopened my file I found that chirp had changed things around because my settings were miss matched and these are the settings it corrected it to and it still works.
  12. Ok so I finally figured out this radio and I am using chirp to program it as the software that came with it doesn't work. So I had the problem of only being able to get the solid channels 1, 2 ,3 etc to transmit and receive but not the sub channels or ctcss. So in order to proper program your radio in chirp when you pull up the menu it will look like this. Loc: Frequency: Name: Tone Mode: Tone: ToneSql: DTCS Code: DTCS Rx Code: DTCS Pol: Cross Mode: 0 462.562500 AMS TSQL 88.5 88.5 023 023 NN Tone--> Tone 1 462.650000 CMD TSQL 71.9 71.9 023 023 NN Tone --> Tone 2 462.612500 P1P TSQL 71.9 71.9 023 023 NN Tone--> Tone 3 467.587500 P1S TSQL 71.9 71.9 023 023 NN Tone --> Tone 4 462.712500 P2P TSQL 71.9 71.9 023 023 NN Tone--> Tone 5 462.662500 P2S TSQL 71.9 71.9 023 023 NN Tone--> Tone 6 467.687500 P3P TSQL 71.9 71.9 023 023 NN Tone--> Tone 7 467.637500 P3S TSQL 71.9 71.9 023 023 NN Tone--> Tone 8 462.550000 P4P TSQL 71.9 71.9 023 023 NN Tone --> Tone 9 462.600000 P4S TSQL 71.9 71.9 023 023 NN Tone-> Tone Chart Cont..... Duplex: Offset: Mode: Power: 0 None 0.000000 FM High 1 None 0.000000 FM High 2 None 0.000000 FM High 3 None 0.000000 FM High 4 None 0.000000 FM High 5 None 0.000000 FM High 6 None 0.000000 FM High 7 None 0.000000 FM High 8 None 0.000000 FM High 9 None 0.000000 FM High This is the set for Rebel Yell 2 UFS. If you look at the tone and Tone SQL this is where the subset of the channel is. So for instance channel 3_02 on a normal radio the subset is the _02. So the 3 in the channel 3_02 is the frequency. The table below will show what the frequency is in comparison to a normal radio channel set. Channel Frequency (MHz) Notes 1 462.5625 Shared with GMRS 2 462.5875 Shared with GMRS 3 462.6125 Shared with GMRS 4 462.6375 Shared with GMRS 5 462.6625 Shared with GMRS 6 462.6875 Shared with GMRS 7 462.7125 Shared with GMRS 8 467.5625 FRS use only 9 467.5875 FRS use only 10 467.6125 FRS use only 11 467.6375 FRS use only 12 467.6625 FRS use only 13 467.6875 FRS use only 14 467.7125 FRS use only Now the subchannel number that you would put into the tone and tonesql area can be found in the chart below. NS1 PL Hz 1 XZ 67.0 WZ 69.3 2 XA 71.9 3 WA 74.4 4 XB 77.0 5 WB 79.7 6 YZ 82.5 7 YA 85.4 8 YB 88.5 9 ZZ 91.5 10 ZA 94.8 11 ZB 97.4 12 1Z 100.0 13 1A 103.5 14 1B 107.2 15 2Z 110.9 16 2A 114.8 17 2B 118.8 18 3Z 123.0 19 3A 127.3 20 3B 131.8 21 4Z 136.5 22 4A 141.3 23 4B 146.2 NATO7 150.0 24 5Z 151.4 25 5A 156.7 26 5B 162.2 27 6Z 167.9 28 6A 173.8 29 6B 179.9 30 7Z 186.2 31 7A 192.8 199.5 8Z 206.5    213.8    221.3 9Z 229.1    237.1    245.5 0Z 254.1 159.8 165.5 171.3 177.3 183.5 189.9 196.6 32 M1 203.5 33 M2 210.7 34 M3 218.1 35 M4 225.7 36 M5 233.6 37 M6 241.8 38 M7 250.3
  13. Are you using chirp to program these radios? If so could you post your settings that you are using. I am able to transmit and receive on channel 1 or 462.5625 using narrow band, cross tone, DTCS -->,no offset. But when on all other channels this does not work.
  14. Just ordered this radio thanks for the tip. Is this compatible with push to talk adapters?
  15. Agreed with Mad Rabbit I was just about to email you the same thing asking if LRRSD could be teamed up with Bare Bones Airsoft Group.
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