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  1. I live in North Platte, NE and I want to go to the next OBH but I don't really want to go by myself. I would be interested in joing someone elses team so I could go with more people. Nobody here in my town is an airsofter, they are all paintballers. About me: Position I normally play- Support gunner Primary weapon- A&K M249 Para Secondary weapon- KWC Desert Eagle Gas Blow Back
  2. Especially since im running with a M249 SAW PARA
  3. Going to bring tons of water stored in a cooler with tons of ice. I might just say forget the beer. Because I know for a fact its going to be hot and humid. The humidity is worse there than here where I live at so I will just Crack one open when I get back home and have a BBQ or something. Just like Blackbird. Since im on your squad Blackbird I want to be in tip top shape.
  4. I would never plan on drinking to where I get messed up! One and done is the saying Im sticking with. Then its to some good o'l fashoined water!!!!!!
  5. To me after reading the rule set. It sounds like while the event is going on and you are in the AO (area of operations) that you can not crack open a cold one. So I believe while in the camping area you can have one but it has to be out of your system the next day in order to go into the AO and participate in the event. Like I said I just want a few the night I get there.
  6. I have a question concerning Alchololic beverages in the camp area. My buddy and and I plan on leaving early thursday morning so we can get there before friday. Where I live at its going to be atleast a 10 to 12hr drive. I know I am going to want to have a few beers and sit around a campfire that night after that long of a drive. Is that going to be a problem?
  7. One of my favorit classic WW2 Movies is Tora, Tora, Tora. It beats the hell out of the sappy love story of Pearl Harbor. I also like a bit of a modern day WW2 movie, Saving Private Ryan!!
  8. I used to like it alot when I first started. Now that Im married all I want to do is stay home with the wife. I could go and work in the rail yards but I don't like that as much as being a conductor. At least it pays the bills. As for my love of trains, I still like to model railroad. Ive been doing that since I was a young little boy. I have a room sized N scale layout that I work on in my house. Right now with the weather becoming nicer, I decided to get back into airsoft. Back to working for the UPRR. Right now they really aren't hiring right now do to cutbacks. Rail traffic isn't where it used to be when I first started work for the railroad about 7yrs ago.
  9. Im in the transportatin department. Im a conductor for union pacific railroad. My home terminal is out of north platte nebraska. Look up bailey yard on google. You will find out it is the largest rail classification yard in the world.
  10. Tactical molle vest. Hydration bladder (100oz) Extra batteries Extra Mags Snacks Compass. Angle flash light Dead rag Pen or pencil Note pad My vest is a voodoo tactical molle vest. The load out puches are on the front nothing on the back except my hydration bladder.
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