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  1. how does one access secure forms... pm a PW please
  2. i noticed Caiman was approved for Broken home this year was that just a one off for the camo or is this something we will be seeing more of in ops to come? and was it left out of Ironclad as a typo maybe?
  3. Robert Kniker


    said on facebook that planning on having pyro at event is this only for Dam missions like usual or does this benefit all players that attend?
  4. any idea when in 2015 the more notice you give us players the better chance of us making it....
  5. Robert Kniker


    i wast just coming to forums to ask this myself the reaper 40mm grenades are pure sex
  6. wanting to buy smoke and the like to have at the op since i have to fly. are they going to be there? would love to sort my stuff asap. thanks in advance
  7. this is a pretty sick cammo if UFS was allowed to wear it i might be tempted to trade my mom in for a set of these cammis
  8. im talking about the if the army makes multicam a garrison uniform that makes it off limits to us to wear at ops at mount sites.. and yes dave there are other colors in it as you have pointed out but.... i see lots of tan as filler as alex pointed out. imho project honor camo looks very much like multicam but only digital. would like to point out one of these camos has more tan than the other...... just sayin
  9. i see it as a CoST camo how does that make sense being mostly tan? and with the possibility of multicam becoming a garrison uniform would it make sense to make this a UFS camo. im sure ill get flamed for this but figured i would ask anyways. as i would like to understand the logic behind this.
  10. this is something AMS should invest in for ALL events. the water situation at rebel yell was very bad same with ESR (water was forsale) for the price of admision i would hope for free water.
  11. i would also like to point out the condescending attitude is not needed. Big Candy... Unless you run GBBR's. (Like me). Then you can bitch all you want. (Which if you ran a GBBR you'd be a badass and already understand that trigger response means precisely dick when combined with forethought and tactics.) "do you even lift bro?" about the equivalent to what you just said.... and to answer you, yes i do run a GBBR with realsim mags... im sure that does not make me better than anyone it puts me at a disadvantage in reality because you cannot put as many bbs down range as lets say.... they guy with a polerstar and modded trigger.
  12. i run a GBBR most the time.....30rd mags i DID the math... 1.49 joules is a smaller number than 1.62 joules the 1.62 joules in a polar star is closer to 420 fps with .2 bbs so that is 20 more fps for polar star platforms i was referring to the fact that polarstars can reach a very high ROF in semi auto. im not a big fan of the polarstar platforms i think they are dangerous and making a ruleset that rewards there use is going to cause problems when more and more people adopt them over aegs
  13. trying not to be "that guy".... whats the deal so polarstars can fire full auto basicly but aegs cant with new rule.(i know not actual full auto but you have seen the trigger response to polarstars) polarstars can also have a higher FPS than aegs by almost 20fps..... does anyone else see the unfair advantage polarstar players will start having at AMS events.. guess we are going to see alot more pople adopt that platform for ams events so they can still spray and pray at a higher fps.
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