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  1. I remember someone giving me a thunder b with what you described. I put it in the registration tent with all the others. Give them a week or so to sort through things and they should get it to you. Hope you enjoyed OP:34 !
  2. Thanks ! He will be getting a ticket !
  3. Hey , not sure if it was ever mentioned but, does the POV driver have to be a registered player? Or are they able to be just the driver only not looking to really play?
  4. As far as squad matching. Squads do not have to match as long as its UFS based camo. So in my squad for iron horse we had my guys who ran multicam, other guys wore tri color and desert digi. So you all will be fine. Weapons can be any style and are not limited to a certain side.
  5. It's going to ask team affiliation. Either put each other's name or temporary team name and you shall be grouped together.
  6. No Problem JP!!! Black Skull is always willing to lend a hand where needed !! Looking forward to the next!!
  7. I was wondering that as well. I'm also a Firefighter/EMT and was wondering how that would be possible .
  8. I want to say you do it before game start when we all head out to the FOBs. That what we did at broken home last year.
  9. Looking to purchase UFS ticket. Thanks In Advance !
  10. I have a 416 as my primary gun and just got an Elite a Force CQB as a backup and it's awesome and inexpensive gun
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