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  1. Resurrect this old thread with the same question. I’m building an HK21 out of an old CA G3A3 that has a P* engine in it. It will have an HK21 barrel shroud, barrel handle, feed mechanism and a bipod. P*, so it’ll have a hose & external tank. Much bulkier than the Knights Arms Stoners guys are running as “LMGs” Thoughts?
  2. I bought a Hill Tribe CDF ticket - but now I cannot attend BH. Which stinks. So - it’s available if anyone wants to buy it. If not, I hope I can shift it to use at Copperhead. I hear CH is great and I’ve never played that op
  3. There's a creek about 100m east of Elijah. Get you a life straw!
  4. That's not MGRS 14RPV 15189 55273 MGRS location of the Elijah mosque
  5. Any word yet on AO borders?
  6. LRRPs wanna know if the woods will be in play. Rumor has it, there's Keebler elves in those woods. Cookies!
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  8. I walk lots at work, and lift some. And I was clearly not in good enough shape for what the AO had to offer at BH5. But, all of our guys pulled it off. Nobody dropped because of "I can't hump any more". We had real health issues claim a few guys. I think most of it is mental. Not that endurance doesn't play a part. "I'm gonna train more!" is a common theme for our discussions now. Everybody agrees that it will help in future if our cardiovasc fitness is better. But I think the will to do it plays a huge role.
  9. Toadvine

    Packing List

    Not required-but fun if you have them
  10. Hi guys If you're on this list and not yet on our planning page, please PM me with your real name. We have to be in the field Friday night and there are things each player must do, and gear you must have There's lots of prep work to do. Give me a PM, pronto
  11. Question - is the AO map gonna be same as prior years, or will it change?
  12. Waning half moon that weekend.
  13. Radio communication can be an issue at BH Command and control can be an issue, mostly because of the radios Logistics is a huge issue in real warfare I see these rule changes as an attempt by AMS to push us the players to do a better job with radios and coordination If we want to keep shooting - and we all do - it'll force us to keep tabs on our supply chain I'm glad they're trying it.
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