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  1. Meant this for ESR3 some how ended up in copperhead
  2. If I can make it, I will be bringing 2 scuba tanks and 1 firefighter air tank. I will probably charge a dollar a fill maybe? I dont know.
  3. This year I think UFS. Hopefully I will have a decent RPG for this year, we really needed one last year with all the vehicles.
  4. I was just confused as to which category paintball masks fell under, if they would be considered helmet or gear.
  5. Some one mentioned paint ball masks having to match the camo or base color, first is this true? And secondly, I have black goggles (clear lenses) with an black plastic lower face mask that is separate, do I need to paint that as well to match my base camo color?
  6. I bought another 80 cubic foot tank today that I will be bringing, it has air in it but hasn't been hydro tested recently enought for me to fill it on friday. I will be able to fill HPA tanks to 3000psi with my current tank and each fill will be progressively less pressure after each fill but should work to keep people up above 2500.
  7. I have a 80 cubic foot ( normal size im not sure of the actuall cubic footage) 3000 psi scuba tank that I will be bringing full. I will look and see if there is a place to fill it if I need to during the game but I think I could provide fill for some people but not everyone. Any suggestions on how to organize this and cost?
  8. Network might be willing to build each side, based on what you posted at the top. He and I will be using baofengs for the op.
  9. Here is the open source programming tool that works better than the one created by the manufacture. The usb cable is only 10 bucks and worth it if you plan on changing channel programming. It was even updated recently. http://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/wiki/Home It does both puxing and baofengs as well as many more, unfortunately the 888s aren't listed.
  10. We will also be in 3 color desert, in 4-1, though some of our gear is black or OD green - Demon, SSW (FAA) - Shadow, Rifleman (FAA) - Fitz, Medic (FAA) - Slender, Rifleman (FAA) - Network, Rifleman (FAA) - Yogi, DMR (FAA)
  11. Is this for friday and saturday night? And I assume this doesn't include meals, so is there a kitchen we can cook in?
  12. thepirho

    AO Map?

    Isn't this the ao map from a different thread? http://i.imgur.com/eFby3.jpg
  13. Order my 6 tickets last night, now for last night planning and organization.
  14. So if I register today does that mean I still get the player kit, since today is still 02-11-2013
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