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  1. Ha metal, I just like to stir the pot a little bit. A bit of info on me is I like to get a rise out of people. So don't take me to serious, like ever.
  2. I agree on the uniforms, however the comment on everyone running helmets or boonies or hats is a little to much I think. Say for instance I have a mich 2001. So you have an ops-core guess you'll have to go buy a much 2001. I really think that is a little out of control, that means everyone needs the same knee pads and all their gear has to match 100% no questions asked. And my $65 pair of issued combat boots have to be $200+ pair of oackley boots because someone has a bunch of money to spend on Airsoft. Not to mention everyone has to go out and get a polar star now because some people have them and we have to all match. I think you guys get my point. I like the matching uni's but matching helmets and all the other stuff is wack man. It's to much for people to buy just to match. Plus in Milsim it's 95% mental, what I mean is if your in a Milsim mindset it can work for you. If all your worried about is "do I have the same helmet as all the guys in my squad" then your not going to get the most out of an op.
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    Ok guys this was my first ams game and any game in Oklahoma for that matter. I first want to thank the ams crew for a great target rich environment and I loved every second of it. Great ao and great people on all sides. I just want to point out something's that I noticed while playing that was kinda different from what I am used to in Ohio. 1. Safety kills: First I want to explain the circumstance and then explain why I am upset. For the first couple of hours of Saturday tan was making a great push. Then the hummer came our way and pretty much wiped us out. The incident happened when I took cover behind a car, which was unknown to the hummer. When the pov was close enough I popped out of the car and began firing on an open window. I personally watched bbs fly into the window and hit the passengers rig to which he said safety. Now I thought safety was "optional" and I didn't know you could call safety after you are dead. However I took the safety because I never want to be considered as a cheat. So I smoked a cigarette, waited my bleed out and re-spawned back at our fob. Not to pick on the hummer but I did hear of multiple instances where that particular pov was mention negatively. 2. Leadership I was assigned to platoon 1 squad 3 on ufs. Now I am really upset about the leadership that took place for my squad/platoon. After the safety briefing my squad leader and all but 2 or my squad disappeared to go chrono. This is an Airsoft game people chrono your freakin weapons before you go in the ao. I heard that our platoon leader got demoted but I can't really say much on that because no one even cared to regroup after they chronoed. I don't know how ams picks leadership and maybe this was just a rarity but maybe leadership should be picked more wisely. I apologize if I'm wrong in that. However I will say that this has been the only game where everyone in my squad didn't even try to stick with their squad. I say that in confidence because only bravo and spartan even tried to stick with me. So out of 14-17 operators only 3 stuck together? 3.comms Terrible, that's the word that comes to mind.like previously stated This is the only game I've ever been to that comms where not used as a key part. I want to state this is not ams fault by any means. When you looked in the field I bet 50% didn't have any kind of comms. That is beyond mind blowing. Again this might just have been my platoon/squad but I just speak on hat I experienced. I'm not trying to trash anyone I'm just stating what I noticed and maybe make a contribution on how to make things better. Thanks again for a great time everyone and ill see you all at broken home 2.
  4. It might have been stated already but I can't find it. Will I be able to carry a grenade launcher that shoots the m203 shells, if I'm a rifleman? Also is there a limit to how many grenades we are allowed to carry/does that count for our ammo capacity if we load them with ammo?
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    I'm making mine a black pouch on my coyote brown plate carrier. I might do some more markings but I think the difference in color is sufficient seeing that's the only one that is a different color.
  6. if someone from1-2 please pm me to set some initial communication that would be awesome. also will there be a set page where the respective forces will have to communicate pre-op or just thru pm's?
  7. Just signed up. Anyone know of someone from ohio going? I might be the only one . Can't wait to meet all you ok. Guys. See ya in march.
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