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  1. i would part it. I'd do 65 + shipping
  2. Echo 1 M240 - comes with 4000 mah lipo, G&P Elcan Scope, Extra (never used) gearbox, one brand new box mag, one custom reinforced box mag, one custom pintle mount with custom box mag. 800 + shipping. Reasonable offers will be considered.
  3. Bump. Can deliver to End State or Broken Home.
  4. what about 750? that would be pretty much bottom dollar
  5. Echo 1 m240 - comes with a 4000 mah lipo, G&P Elcan 4x scope, extra (never used) gearbox, one brand new box mag, one reinforced box mag and a custom pintle mount with a custom box mag. Last time I chrono'd it it was shooting 420 but it's been a while. This gun has external wear although I've tried to touch it up with black paint as it was worn.This was mounted on my teams vehicle and is an absolute beast. Looking for 850 plus shipping. Reasonable offers will be considered. Will post pics when I get to a computer
  6. Are you running it on a vehicle? If so, be aware that the box mag is only held on by two small screws and it took such a beating on our vehicle those screws sheared off. Any kind of vibration like that will kill your connections from the box mag to the battery as well. To combat these issues, I hardwired everything in place, so no more detachable box mag. I also had a team member build a pintle mount that supports the box mag so that the weight wasn't hanging off the side of the gun. As far as internals go, I haven't had any issues. Our team tech just did some minor upgrades, such as shimming the gearbox and whatnot I believe, but I didn't see the need to do much else as I can lay down accurate fire at about 80 yards and suppress at 100 yards. Of course, I bought mine used, so the guy that had it before may have done some accuracy upgrades. http://imgur.com/HxStzAW Here is a picture showing what I mean on the mount
  7. Nase

    Extended AO?

    Last year at Rebel Yell Gruber was getting an extreme makeover. Do we have any intel yet on whether or not we get more MOUT this year? It looked like they were tripling the MOUT facility in size and if that's all done in construction and we get to play on it, it's gonna be aweskme
  8. Well, if you want to be with the winners, pick CoST! No, really after reading through the storyline it just comes down to uniform preference in my mind. Like green (as I do) or tan? that should give you your answer. Plus CoST is Oklahoma, and I'm born and bred an Oklahoman, so there's that too...
  9. NODs are great. Personally I just have a Gen 1 rifle scope, but it is amazing how many people think that because they have better night vision like Gen 2 or 3 they are automatically more effective. I killed a guy running Gen 3 because he had an IR beacon on the back of his helmet flashing like crazy, and my little ol' Gen 1 could see him coming forever. NODs aren't a cure all for night games though. I've also had guys with Gen 2 - 3 walk right by me and even look at me but because I was camo'd up and completely motionless they didn't see me and I was able to get the kills. So no, like everyone else has said, you don't need night vision to be effective. It definitely is fun though!
  10. That sounds like our sniper, Tmac! He said he popped some guy and the guy yelled good shot and to come see him after the game. If that was you, he didn't know who you were. But he told me about that shot at least 3 times lol
  11. This. I completely agree. It is MILSIM. In real life, if I got within 20 ft. of a bad guy, I'm not going to switch to my pistol to kill him. No, I'd light him up with my rifle. Now, I understand why we have safety kill rules. We can't light people up with a SAW shooting 450 at 15 ft. Besides being unsafe, that's just unsportsmanlike. My opinion is if someone gets within 20 ft. and offers me a safety and THEY HAVE ME COVERED, I'll take it. They were good enough to get that close, they deserve the kill. However, there have been times when people try to call safety without having their gun pointed at me. That DOES NOT constitute a safety. You must have the drop on the OPFOR for it to be a safety. I guess what I'm saying is most of the time, people know when they are in the right. At ORY, I swung around the corner of a building and safety killed a guy inside my MED and he took it. I had the drop on him, and he was honorable enough to realize that it were real life, he'd be dead. That's the main thing. When you get safety killed, ask yourself "If he had shot instead of saying 'safety', would I be dead?" I think thats the honorable way to approach this.
  12. Lost a painted nerf hatchet with mystery squad logo
  13. TFX pea grenade: $10 Replacement gloves: $30-50 Trip to Broken Home: $150 Look on UFS player's face when grenade hits him in the crotch: Priceless Seriously though, i agree with aswayze. The pea grenades add a lot of atmosphere. And I've never seen one of those start a fire, but I've seen several fires started by cold-burning smoke. Plus, I'd rather take a hit from one of those then a Tornado. Can you imagine if someone would've lobbed a Tornado instead of a pea grenade? Umm... Ouch. Even underhand, that would HURT.
  14. So, is there any way to get more bandages, or are the six issued it? And, can we "scavenge" by taking bandages off of dead enemy medics?
  15. Nase

    LEGO Heavy Weapons

    Someone had way too much time on their hands.... It is awesome though. I couldn't build that.
  16. Shape-wise, this is the closest thing I was able to find, although this is made to wear around your waist. Although it would have to be heavily modded, to be whats in the pic..
  17. Sweet! I'll check it out. Expect Murd0ck22 on!
  18. I did a bit of research, and apparently MAG brand box mags are better about not jamming. You may check into those.
  19. Buy a reliable gun? lol actually I don't know. I do know that our team used to run an M60 for support and it had a habit of breaking, but once we switched to a G&P Stoner our problems were solved.
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