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    Body Armor

    Aside from eye protection which is required what level of protection you use beyond that to protect yourself from getting shot is totally up to you. As for a chest rig, it isn't required but you will want something to carry your mags and various gear in. A chest rig will be cheaper than a plate carrier.
  2. Ant you need to register for it. From the main forum page click on Operation Rebel Yell 3 and then scroll down and you will see a link that says Operation Rebel Yell 3 Registration.
  3. Welcome to AMS UFS scum.....I mean Specter If this place doesn't reignite your airsoft fire then I don't think anything will.
  4. TJ the rules state one piece of woodland camo is optional. Beyond that it is civie clothes. Gear doesn't matter. CDF can wear plate carriers and whatever you want.
  5. The SKD gloves are amazing. The way they fit is awesome.
  6. Barrel covers are not required. Just what the rules state.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. Found the site and their sizing chart looks like they will fit.
  8. I was wanting to get some feedback from the larger pawed guys on here. I normally like to wear gloves for protection against knuckle shots not just for looks. I normally wear Voodoo Tactical gloves which are great but they are hotter then hell in the summer time. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to a glove that may offer some protection but may breathe a little better. I mentioned getting feedback from larger pawed guys because 3XL Mechanix Gloves fit tight on me to give you an idea what I am working with. Thanks for any input.
  9. Experimentation is the best thing. It will be an ongoing thing to. Just mess around with different set ups and you will find what works best.
  10. Thanks for all the feedback fellas. I don't mind the upkeep at all. I've always heard good things about the gun and can't wait to get my feet wet with it.
  11. I'm going to the gbb side and just bought an LM4. It says on the box that .25 is the best size bb to run in the gun. I have always ran .20 in all my stuff. Now with this being a gbb is it best to do .25 or will I be ok with .20?
  12. I would go with whatever is most effective for you and provides the storage you need for your gear. Running in the cooler times of year gives you the option to pretty much run what you want but if you are going to be playing in high heat then the lighter option is also the best way to go. You also need to consider your terrain. If you are going into a very uneven, hilly AO you will want whatever gives you the best mobility. I think one of the most important things to look at is what you will HAVE TO carry with you. I capped have to because I am talking about necessary gear not the "tacti cool" stuff you want to carry with you. You need to decide on what role you want to go with (RIFLEMAN, SUPPORT GUNNER, ETC.) and decide from there on what rig to run.
  13. Thanks for all the advice fellas. This thing is a piece of chit. I'll look into some aftermarket box mags and see if I can find something.
  14. I've had one for a awhile and at first I was loving it but now I have mixed feelings. Last weekend I was at a field and tripped and fell and mine hit a mud hole, NOT hard ground. The lower receiver broke in 2 from the fall. I could only imagine how bad the damage would have been if it had not been raining and the ground was rock hard like usual here in Texas. I guess my point is I would be real careful with it. I didn't plan on tripping but things like that happen and it's very disappointing what happened to it and makes me really question the durability. I have a VFC HK 416 that has been through hell and back and still runs top notch. I guess it kind of spoilt me when I bought the RM4.
  15. I've had this gun for a while and have never fired it. Anyway I got bored yesterday and decided to try it out. It will not fire with the box magazine attached to it. I tried just a regular M4 style mag and it fires just fine. What's weird is that the box magazine appears to be working. I ejected some bbs out of it and new ones fill the tube that goes into the gun just fine. It won't draw them in to the gun for some reason and I can't seem to find anything broke. I was hoping maybe someone else had this happen and could help. I hope I am just missing something stupid. Thanks.
  16. I got my call sign from the guys I work with. I got in a bad accident one time and walked away unhurt. Put up with a month of guys "crashing" into me as they walked by me and the name just kind of stuck.
  17. Don't forget to think about weight. I have never been to this AO but here it is an ass kicker. As Dave said you will get shot. That's a give me. You can go back to the FOB to reload. Plus with the new semi auto rule in effect you will have to go trigger insane to blow through 12 mags.
  18. Thanks for the feedback. With what I did I am looking at least 6 months before I am back to normal use that's why I was worried.
  19. Just under 2 weeks ago I injured my left elbow at work pretty bad. I'm not going to bore with details but I was wondering if I would be able to handle this AO with about 50% use in one arm? Thanks for any info
  20. I would love to know why people get their rocks off posting in this thread saying people are bitching and complaining. Aside from a few ass nine pointless comments this topic has been a discussion with ideas on how an M27 could work. If the admins have any issues with this topic then they can shut it down. Their opinions are the only ones that count as far as whether or not a topic stays open. If you can't chime in with anything useful then don't post. Nobody cares what you did in the past or if you think this topic is useless. There are plenty more topics on this forum. People wanting to discuss ideas are not complaining and not breaking rules. That's ignorant to even say.
  21. I know what your saying DOT but it just seems like some of the responses are delving into the childish side of things. Anyway back on the subject. If the M27 is ever allowed as a support gun wouldn't putting a box mag on it help to distinguish even more as a support weapon? Put a box mag with something else (arm band, zip tie, etc) and it should be pretty easy to tell. I know the real version takes regular M4 mags. I'm just trying to think of less issues on the field.
  22. Why is there an argument going on here about something that is not even being considered right now?
  23. I know what you mean about people crying about P* guns. If there allowed then so be it. I went to a field 2 Saturdays ago where full auto is allowed and people were still whining about P*. You accept the rules of a field when you take that field. I don't see the point in crying about it afterwards.
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