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  1. The game plan is to shoot them before they shoot us and take all of the buildings!
  2. Are you also going to be recording while you're playing? Might be nice to see some milsim operation on your youtube channel.
  3. and that's when they moved to a "speak easy" tent just for the occasion
  4. So you guys will have Magpul pts m-version pmags there as well?
  5. the bbs we receive when we sign up aren't actually bio they are standard .25g bbs essentially this is what you're getting in .25s http://www.eliteforceguns.com/Products/44/Elite-Force-Thunder-BBs/
  6. If you're going to pay ~$100+ to attend an event are you really going to risk being tossed out over one of the more easy rules to abide by? That being said if your squad leader does his/her job and makes sure you're abiding by the rules. If you aren't following them you'd delay your whole squad from being deployed until you correct the issue. I'm not sure about you but i don't want to hold my whole squad up to unload all of my mags, go purchase bio ammo, and reload all of my mags. When that could have been avoided by just buying bio to start with.
  7. It's for UFS regular Army. UFS Marines have a different camo
  8. I'd say the blurred because it has more free moving pixels that'd be able to move more freely with the wind. While the black box is one solid block that would add to the drag to it. Thus, making the person slower in the end. Though if we're talking about the black bar that just covers the eyes then that'd be the best high speed low drag as it doesn't really extend past the face and basically act like a weird type of sunglasses.
  9. or make rear view mirror out of it
  10. radio of some sort to stay in touch with your squad in case you get separated from them
  11. I expect an abundant supply of tacos from you at BH Tacoman
  12. I'd figure the predesignated alpha bravo would be easier and less of a hassle. Plus, everyone will be able to see it before hand while watching rosters update.
  13. So that would make Madcats and Atlas' acceptable also? O.o I mean if we're going robotech what's the harm in adding mechwarrior as well.
  14. I'll throw my name in there also. 1 beta project pmag mid cap (fg) and a kwa kmp9 magazine 48rd. As with everyone i will pay shipping if they are found
  15. He forgot to mention tools to loot the cars with! I mean everyone is talking about it lol
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