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  1. As much as every Milsim player doesn't want to admit it.... ALL milsim games are LARPing! That's right! We're all just a bunch of LARPers. It's ok, I know it stings... I hate it too. But good post otherwise. Lots of great points. It got a little whiny but finished off strong with the "Good" section at the end!
  2. If this is the case then what's the excuse for using Multicam in games then? That's been issued to spec ops for years and regular US Army for over 2 years. I understand what you're saying though, just don't know why its not the same across the board. And how does this apply to somewhere like Roosevelt that's not a base? (Although is close to Ft. Sill) I'm just tryin to understand AMS events better is all.
  3. Bring it! The more fighting the better. But no really, we are just defending our homeland the same as the CoST. I would rather have the advantage and take the fight to the UFS in unconventional gorilla warfare rather than be bound by the rules and ROE's that a uniformed conventional fighting force is required to follow.
  4. Or if you don't feel like matching then join the CDF! We can always use more able bodies! ... but no seriously, what's the deal with no marine digital camo on a bunch AMS games? It's a very common, cheap camo and blends way better into the environment then 3 color. Just sayin.
  5. Weatherman definitely missed that one by a mile! Blizzard? Oh no, sorry just rain!
  6. At least he had his purple scarf! "Don't leave home without it!"
  7. Ummmm..... Yaaaaa.... I never bothered to go to your link bc I used weather.com to get the 12in. Blizzard warning. My bad. But hey, I'll take 2 inches of snow over 12 any day!! Well... Unless I'm snowboarding or something I guess but that's besides the point! This might turn into a mud run instead anyways.
  8. Might bring a 55 gallon Hobo barrel so we can all gather around the fire! Lol =D
  9. Eh I just changed my plans instead so I'll be getting there Friday evening now. Its all good.
  10. Well, I'm not sure what forcast YOU are reading! "Network" posted the Blizzard Warning above that is for Roosevelt. 8-14 inches and possibly up to 20 in. No big deal, I'm just gonna bust out my military cold weather gear and keep on truckin. Lookin forward to the 50's during the day though!! Teabag i agree, 2-4 inches is a little dusting, not even enough for my snow angels of death! Lots of good info guys, can't wait to see everyone at the north pole this weekend!
  11. So am i understanding that we CANNOT check-in and chrono Saturday morning? I had planned on getting around 0630 Saturday morning.
  12. Ok so it looks like a blizzard with 12+ inches of snow is going to roll into Roosevelt tonight. With temps in the 40s all week I'm guessing the snow will not be melted much by Saturday. So my question is: 1. Will the OP still happen with a foot of snow on the ground? (I'm assuming yes but just confirming) and 2. If so, what kind of extra gear/precautions does everyone recommend? I for one will be bringing my sled and pet Yeti! http://theoccultsection.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/yeti.jpg
  13. Lol no biggie, just curious.
  14. Hey JP, any word on the radio packages? I'd be interested in getting one since I can't mine to program.
  15. Ok I took UAL001's word for it and placed an order before the promo code was posted by Kastway... So am I screwed now or what?! I will call on Monday and hopefully straighten it out.
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