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  1. Bitch'n. Thanks Alex. (edit: My use of the word 'bitchn' is intended to be a slang replacement of 'Cool, I got recognized' )
  2. We should cut his leg off this time. See how Frosty likes it.
  3. It's a refurbish from Ed Wilcox's team. Wilcox NV Mounts. I'm the third owner. Ordered by Random DMZ, then immediately sold to Frosty. I bought it last november. Between frosty and I there was probably 30 hours put onto the tube. No spotting or imperfections. Quite a beautiful tube. I found out this weekend that it does not have manual gain adjustment. This is due to it being a weapons grade tube(meant to be weapon mounted and beat up). However, I had always worn it on my helmet.
  4. Gen 3. Autogated. Beautiful tube. Babied. Hard case. Come with J-ARM. $2000. Entertaining real steel trades + $.
  5. Blackbirds kind of a prick tho. I don't like his beard. It looks at me funny sometimes.
  6. Thanks Tweek and Hack. You guys did a good job at summarizing what would of been my responses. Common sense, isn't. The guy who coined that phrase, Voltaire.... did you know he was also a complete tool? Anyway, Common sense is derived from common experiences. AMS hasn't always followed a no med, semi only ruleset. Give it time. Peoples common sense and experiences will become smarter. Thanks Tweek... your kinda cute too. No homo.
  7. Trying to avoid getting suckered into a debate. But ok... since sarcasm wont do... In airsoft, I'm a fan of less rules, and a more common sense approach to solutions. In this case, where low to no min engagement distance rules are well known and stated before the event. I'd expect people concerned with close shots to wear additional protection.
  8. Sorry for my comment. Your obviously correct.
  9. I'll be frank... How awesome is that? People are actually complaining about the length of the raffle. #GoodProblemsToHave
  10. Cool Stuff Mash units and how they were controlled rocked.The single fire only rule for riflemen. Really changed the pace of things. Made it super fun. I dunno if I want to see this rule implemented across ALL airsoft games, but it was certainly fun.Helo, as always.Realizing I know so many people in this sport, and not getting to say hi to them all. BH is like a huge family reunion for me.Felt a lot like the admins where EVERYWHERE this year.Vehicle on Vehicle combat.Numbers on the vehicles to ID them.Uber sweet anti-tank weapons where EVERYWHERE. Anybody see that COST mortar round??Helo with nightvision.ECR's infinite vehicles. UFS's Rednecked vehicles. They made me giggle each time I saw them.Photographers letting me ham it up for them for the camera.Water all over the mash points.The flag system put together was quite grand, and worked very well. I liked that the flags were huge and quite easy to ID.Wallace at Z-Shot. He's like my Lucius Fox. The 2 hour long raffle. I walked away with a super sweet backpack by LBX.Watching Blake bail after he realized he was fixing to get tackled by the mob.Not so cool Stuff Lack of D Day APCs and Tanks on the field this year. Staff/volunteers manning the chrono this year could of been more disciplined on sat morning(7:30ish?). Details withheld incase staff wants to reach out on this one.I made a note on the safety brief on saturday morning. Details withheld for staff only.I would really of liked to see 4 wheelers as a valid POV again this year, and for the future. I couldn't quite understand why they were withheld. These really add quite the fun recon dynamic to the game. Need a rock solid way to identify an enemy vehicle, and a friendly one.Annoying I was on UFS, hiding behind 2 dudes behind a tree. I saw all 3 of us get shot, and I only pulled out my flag. After telling them that I saw them get shot, they looked at me like I was speaking greek, and ran away. I walked over to COST who where shooting them, and let them all know at least that they got them. Hopefully they got some-sort of gratification there.Night games are not excuses to not call your hits. With NODs and tracer BBs, we can see the BBs litterally bouncing off of you in super simple fashion. Can't really help this. Silly cheaters and their pretend body armor.
  11. I like to picture my Milsim as a figure skater. He wears like a white outfit, and He does interpretive ice dances of past ops I attended. I like to picture Milsim in a tuxedo Banshee plate carrier because it says I want to be formal, but I'm here to party. I like to think of Milsim like I have giant eagles wings, iPhone blazing' lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd with like an angel band and I'm in the front lines and slaying freaking bodies!
  12. Yankee Division... DH4... It will be my pleasure to operate amongst you this year.
  13. Thats exactly what I do when I get into the Helicopter Gun runs.... I shoot everybody. Tan, Green, Red, Fusha, Tope, and Multicam....
  14. Friends don't let friends sleep and charge.
  15. JP, funny you mention firing in self defense or HVT's. There has been a big movement in airsoft trends over the past 2-3 years surrounding HiCap magazines. Here is another tip I wont gain much praise for.... Should an event allow you to carry HiCap magazines... DO IT!! As a recon element I prefer to travel light, and form fitting. The AMS ruleset has changed a bit in the recent past few ops, but if they allow it... carry them. 1500 rounds in 4 magazines versus 8-16 is always better. Smaller target.. less opportunity for detection. Worried about BB rattle? Then why in the world are you doing so much shooting????? While on recon, I've always said that if I'm seen shooting, something went horribly wrong.
  16. All of this advice is very OP specific, so I'll talk directly to OP:RY2. At this game, I would personally prefer the players attempting to play the Sniper/Recon roles aggressively. What I mean here is a mixture of not focusing so much on certain tactics, and heavily relying more on others. I'll answer your questions directly first, Specs. Then add my followup advice. You belong up front. Recon elements do not belong "all back of the bus" You are to forever be solo. I do not prefer assistance from battle buddies in the field while I operate. I prefer to be at distance, without valuable resources danger close should I be discovered. I understand this conflicts with a lot of advice out there... but it is my preference as an accomplished Recon unit. Most engagements, I do not prefer long rifles. See Mayo's advice. However, honestly... Brandishing your weapon is more about technique, rather than equipment. This gives me an idea to post a video about my favorite way to sling my rifle over my back. No. I'd prefer the sniper/recon dudes to follow more of a commando mentality at OP:RY. Your job is not necessarily overwatch, or squad coverage. There is too much cover really due to the buildings. Let the squad do their thing. OP:RY is a high engagement operation. Do not worry much about reporting enemy movements. Your job is the reconnaissance of enemy weak points, HVTs, and Objective Theft/Sabotage. Accept in your heart you will fail 95% of the time in all of your self appointed objectives. Focus the bulk of your attention on recon enemy weak points. You should always be solo, and consistently testing the enemy's weak points. If you die..... its no big deal. This is airsoft. Small AO. Walk to respawn and regen...10 minutes later your testing them again. Your just 1 guy. They did not accomplish anything serious by killing 1 dude. Be stubborn... test the same suspected weak point multiple times. It only takes 1 time for the enemy to screw up, and let 1 guy take over a whole building. Hold out for 10 minutes, your team will eventually feel brave enough to approach your position. If your successful at OP:RY... you will of just given your team 1 building, or rather 10% of the AO. Chances are... during your course of combat, you will stumble across HVTs. Report those. Secure them if possible. Try to acquire EOD designation. Chances are you will be the first to stumble across cool stuff that needs to get role played. Most importantly... BE A HERO. Sure you may die a million times at the game. But nobody remembers the times you fail. They only remember that time you did something so bad ass.... they cheered for you. ...then go see if your now the poster child for any airsoft manufacturers. They love recon dudes.
  17. From one Legless man, to another.... ​Hang in there bro. Your indestructible.
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